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Jan 21, 2009 11:01 AM

Greek Food

Hi, I am looking for a great place to eat greek food. I have lived in the Cambridge/somerville area for 20 years or so and haven't found anything close to what I ate while in Greece. Anywhere that you would recommend?

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  1. Helpful to know where you've been so far. Then we can better respond.

    1. There are some past threads on this that you may be able to find if you search. However, you will not find Greek food anything close to what you had in Greece. There are a couple of places in Cambridge that are dives but have some ok food- the Greek Corner near Porter Square and Desfinas near the courthouse. One of the better places is in Newton- Farm Grille on Needham Street. There is also a place called the Aegean- located in Watertown and another in Framingham. Some of their food is ok but I am not a fan. For a little upscale Greek Place there is Ithaki in Ipswich. It is ok. My husband is from Greece and I have been to Greece with him about 20 times and i can say that we do not consider any of these places to be very good. Farm Grill is probably the best of the bunch, with some things better than others (egg lemon soup, gyros, desserts ok),
      If you want the thick yummy yogurt they serve in Greece you can get a homemade delicious yogurt at Sophia's Greek Pantry in Belmont. They sell lots of excellent Greek cheeses, olives etc.
      There is another place in Norwood called Taso's Euro Cafe- near the airport. We have not been there so I cannot comment although I believe Hidden Boston posted a review on this board awhile ago.

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        yup, what emilef said, with one addition. Kouzina in the Waban area of Newton has a bronzini fish recipe is very much like fish you can have in Greece. They got it just right. Their other things are Greek-ish (the chef's wife is Greek) and very good. But that fish is very good and very Greek.

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          Kuzina also has the advantage of being easily T accessible (a two minute walk from the Waban station on the Riverside branch of the Green Line).

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            Scruffy is right. I forgot to mention Kouzina because I do not think of it as Greek. Joanna, one owner, is Greek and Nelson, her husband, is French. The fish is indeed great. Also, they have a lamb giouvetsi, lamb shanks cooked in a clay pot with orzo and tomatoes, which is excellent. They make a nice baklava and the ice cream is served with good homemade koulouri ( cookies).
            Also, there is a storefront place in Wellesley called Maugus- near the Whole Foods in Wellesley Hiils that is owned by a Greek family. Their souvlaki(Greek shishkebob), fried zucchini (Greek style- very delicious), baked lamb, and Greek salads are excellent. They are open for breakfast and lunch but not dinner- they were open on Friday nights for dinner but not sure if they still are.

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            I did indeed post a review on Taso's. I like the place, but prefer the Farm Grille in Newton, which is probably my favorite Greek restaurant in the Boston area right now.

            As for places near Cambridge and Somerville, I'd probably opt for Greek Corner in North Cambridge over Desfina and the Aegean in Watertown. Aren't too many other Greek places around there, though some of the nearby diners do Greek food (Andros in Belmont; Arlington Restaurant in Arlington).

          3. I like Greek Corner better than Desfina as well. I've liked Greek Corner's appetizer sampler platter there- generous portions and a nice assortment. I've also been happy with their calamari, although nothing anywhere this side of the Atlantic can compare to the incredible fried sepia we had on Milos. I'm starting to drool...

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              I like Andros Diner in Belmont for cheap, diner-style greek food. It is not fine dining. It is almost certainly not what you are looking for, but it is good for what it is.

              The greek food that you can't get in this city is the simple stuff... really fresh fish grilled with a squeeze of lemon and a dusting of fresh herbs, octopus boiled in wine and gently heated and charred on the grill, etc.

            2. Esperia Grill in Brighton (Washington St.) serves Greek food. I was a bit disappointed in the Farm Grill but agree with another reply - some things are better than others.

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                What's good at Esperia Grill? Any octopus or fish?

                1. re: galleygirl

                  Esperia doesn't have octopus but their basic Greek dishes are the best I've had in this region, much better than Farm Grill for example. I eat there fairly often. Their story is pretty simple. Used to be Brighton House of Pizza but they decided to go native. The mom's name is Georgia and she is the cook. If you ask her, she'll tell you how everything good about Greek food has to be done in small batches. She makes a terrific, creamy bechamel and the pastistio and moussaka are terrific. (They also have a very good rotisserie chicken.) The Greek staple spinach-rice is excellent and she makes a mean soup, either the egg-lemon-chicken or her bisque. Dad and the boys work the counter and register. They serve beer & wine and the style is modern Greek counter, meaning you order and they bring it to you. The decor is upscale modern counter, like Farm Grill. There is a small lot out front and unmetered parking on the street in Brighton. Center.

                  yFor dessert, I recommend walking over to Athan's for gelato or pastry.

              2. Can't speak to the cuisine in Greece, but Boston's Greek eateries don't hold a candle to Chicago's Greetown. Still, Farm Grill in Newton and Aegean in Framingham are ok. I've been scared off by the prices of Ithkaki(?) on the North Shore. Otherwise, not much here.