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Jan 21, 2009 10:57 AM

Cheap Indian Sydney

Looking for cheap Indian in Sydney. Which is the best one. Casual is fine.
I have been to many on Oxford, in Glebe and Newtown but I don't remember which is best and if the quality is still good. Coming in from Toronto, Canada.

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  1. I have to say that i dont eat much Indian food as i prefer lighter styles, but ive been told (by chefs from other fine dining restaurants) that Aki's on the wharf at Woolloomolloo is excellent and well respected by Indians in Sydney. It isn't the cheapest place for Indian but maybe if you eat there once, im sure the staff will then be more than happy to recommend other more casual places. Sorry cant help more, but its a start!

    1. Surjits on Parramatta Road, Annandale looks like a regular suburban Indian restaurant, and the locale isn't exactly picturesque, but the food is very good and the place is a magnet for visiting Indian cricketers, evidence of which is evident in the decor of cricket books, signed bats and posters! And the prices are very reasonable. BYO (bring your own booze). About 10 minutes in a taxi from the city centre.

      1. As per the two responses above...
        Abhi's in Parramatta and Aki's on Finger Wharf are well regarded but not cheap.
        Surjits on Parramatta Road has the reputation for the Indian Cricketers
        And Delhi oh Delhi on Erskineville Rd (just off King Street) Newtown is the ex Oh! Calcutta! chef.
        IMhO Good, cheap indian is an oxymoron in Sydney.