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Jan 21, 2009 10:46 AM

grass fed beef

I tried this under grass fed dairy products but failed miserably :) I thought I would take a final gasp and try Grass fed beef.
does anyone have a source for grass fed beef or lamb? AKA pastured beef ...
keeping my fingers crossed :)
happy eating, Oana

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  1. The local climate makes pasturing hard. Ferme Boréalis pastures in the warm months and feeds with hay in the winter.

    Supermarché PA used to have organic beef they labelled as grass fed but these days that moniker is gone. Still, you might inquire. Another possible source would be Fermes St-Vincent, the organic butcher at the Atwater and Jean Talon markets, though again you'd want to inquire.

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      I know but if I can have it periodically throughout the year I will take it whenever I can get it :) Thank you so much for these resources carswell. It never hurts to inquire so I will do so.

      I am going to place my first beef order with ferme Le Crepuscule next week and I am excited to see what I recieve. I went to visit their (Jean-Pierre and Debbie) farm last weekend and it was incredible. I wish everyone was able to see how hard these people work for the food we take for granted. Perhaps then they would understand the prices ...anyhow that is a different subject :) Thank you again :)

      Happy eating, Oana

    2. Isn't Alberta beef generally grass fed? If so, maybe looking for Alberta beef would be easier. It certainly tasted grass fed whenever I have had beef in Alberta. Which, for me, is not a good thing... I know it's more 'natural' but I like the flavor of grain fed much better.

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        You are certainly wrong, that Alberta beef is generally grass fed. It's usually grain-fed.

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          I am not so sure that it is. It is easy to imagine that it is what with all those rolling fields :) but in reality I think it may not be the case.

          That is the thing though I do not think that I have ever had grass fed beef here and I would like to be able to make an informed choice. To be able to do this though I have to find it, more importantly taste it :) and then decide which way to go.
          I had grass fed meat as a child in Romania off of our farm but frankly do not remember taste and am looking forward to it.
          Happy eating, Oana

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            Any feedback from your order from ferme Le Crepuscule? What did you order? Feedback on taste?


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