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Jan 21, 2009 10:05 AM

Best Local Sandwich Shops....

I Just got through eating at "Texas Express Deli" off of Hempstead, probably one the best hole in the wall deli's I have ever had, the owner works the registar and is really freindly. The Meat is fresh and thinly sliced and the bread was super fresh. I think I only spent $6.00 bucks and got out with a big sandwich, chips and drink...I would suggest trying it if your ever in the area.

Does anyone know of any other good independent deli's in the Houston Area?

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  1. I have driven past there many times and wondered about it. Glad to here it it's good. I'll have to stop by. Now this may sound strange but one of the best sandwich places I have ever eaten at was in the Memorial City Hospital. If you go into the cafeteria and have them make you a fresh sandwich, you choose the bread, etc., and it isn't very much and very good. My mother in law was int there for a few days and I could have lived off those sandwiches. I'll have to think about other places to recommend for you Ryan. Now, there are good sandwiches at Doyles of Oak Forest, but it's not a Deli.


    1. liebmans deli out on memorial has a few good sandwiches, like a ham and brie. kahns deli in rice village has some delicious pastrami and corned beef sandwiches. central market has incredible variety and quality ingredients and many types of fresh baked bread, so if you know what you want, you can get a fantastic sandwich there.

      just today i had the pork tenderloin and cajun mustard sandwich from paulies on holcombe and it was fantastic.

      im a big fan of the chicken salad and smoked turkey sandwiches at hobbit cafe, as well as the spicy cornbread blt at stone mill bakers.

      i could talk all day about sandwiches. i dont know if any of the deli's i mentioned are the type that freshly slice your meat right there at the counter, but they are still good. jersey mikes does that, but they are a national chain. infinitely better than subway though. i like them more than lennys, which has a location down by reliant.

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        Oh yes! Stone Mill Bakers is one of my favorites also, not just he sandwiches but the freshest and best bread in town. Kahn's is way up there too.