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Jan 21, 2009 09:27 AM

Need help for this Saturday

My friends decided they will meet us in the city this Saturday for dinner, but now I'm having trouble finding a 7pm reservation for 5 people. Could you please suggest a moderately priced ($50/person) restaurant anywhere downtown (preferably French, Italian, Thai, or Mediterranean) that has good service and ambiance. I know that's a lot to ask ;-)) Thank you!

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  1. AMA
    Gyu Kaku
    Kellari Parea
    go to and you can seach by date/time and amount of people and they will tell you everything that's available in nyc!

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      1. re: italianagambino

        opentable is great, but it is far from everything available in NYC. many places do not use opentable

      2. If downtown includes the Flatiron District, then I highly recommend Kellari's Parea. The Greek food is excellent, service is friendly and efficient, and it's a fairly large restaurant (with very attractive decor, I might add), so there's a good chance they will be able to accommodate your party of 5 this Saturday.

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        1. re: RGR

          Thanks so much for all of your suggestions! I ended up with a 7:30pm reservation at Gonzo. Hopefully my friends will enjoy it.

          1. re: TatyanaG

            Good move choosing Gonzo. While I've not been in a while, it's a great space and the food was good. Enjoy and let us know how it went.


          2. re: RGR

            How does Kellari compare to Kefi (at least the old location)? Its dinner menu is quite a bit more expensive. Is the expense mainly the location and trappings like fine china that I usually don't care about, or are their ingredients and cooking actually better?