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Jan 21, 2009 09:26 AM

Lunch and dinner in Kingston

My husband and I are taking a short getaway to Kingston this weekend. I used to be there a lot, but don't know much about the restaurant scene now. We both like funky, warm and independent over high-end. Reasonable prices, and, ideally, walkable in the downtown area. I'm looking at Pan Chancho or Aroma for lunch, but I'd appreciate other suggestions, as well as ideas for dinner spots and places with awesome coffee for lingering over the Saturday papers. Thanks!

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  1. The Windmill Cafe is a nice place for lunch but Pan Chancho is by far my fav. Chez Piggy has good food and a comfy environment for a nice dinner. Le Chien Noir is one of the nicer dinner places in the city. If you like pizza Woodenhead's is a great spot. For some local brew the Brew Pub is a great spot as well.

    Good luck!

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      Thanks, JB--I'll look into Le Chien Noir, but the Brew Pub sounds promising too...just depends what kind of mood we're in!

    2. Atomica (71 Brock St) is a nice place for dinner. I think it's beside Le Chien Noir. We had a terrific antipasti plate there. (


      71 Brock St, Kingston, ON K7L1R8, CA

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        JennaBean knows of what she talks...Le Chien Noir a must stop.....

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          That's another new one to me--thanks again! I spent more time in Kingston as a student, which meant fish and chips at The Pilot House and morning-after breakfasts at the Toucan. Nice to hear about more grown-up options.

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            my perspective might be student-y as well as my 4 years in kingston were as an undergrad, but i still go back to kingston a few times a year and love these restaurants!

            my fave is woodenheads... i've brought a ton of ppl here and everyone always raves. the pizzas are delicious of course, but some of their other entrees are to die for! my fave is called the kai mekong... it's a chicken curry dish on top of fried rice cakes w/ sriracha. it's absolutely delicious and my mouth waters just thinking about it :). i actually forego the pizzas in favour of this dish each time. prices are very reasonable

            kingston also has a lot of great cambodian restaurants! the best imo was cambodiana, which the owner closed down. apparently he's reopened a new restaurant (what's he's famous for doing) called pat's restaurant outside of the downcore. i haven't been yet, but i'm dying to try it as i have yet to find anything to compare in toronto. they make this amazing red curry chicken with coconut milk... mmm. best thing about the cambodian restaurants is that they are extremely cheap and filling!

            pan choncho is also delicious for brunch/lunch. windmills isn't that great, though it gets very busy during brunch. i went there 2 months ago for brunch and ordered the eggs benny which were terrible. it gets busy on the weekends though. we usually have to wait 15-20 min before getting a table for brunch

            mmm all this talk is making me think i'm going to need to go back for a weekend of eating soon!

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              I love to eat out in Kingston. Woodenheads is the most consistent, good pizzas and entrees. A nice atmosphere and busy most nights. Pan Chanco's is average for dinner and I only go for the brunch fare but has a nice "pusateri's" "whole foods" feel with cheeses, breads and desserts available from the counters.

              I would highly recommend Cambodiana on Brock St. Excellent curries and a local favorite. Saigon delights is also a local favourite and thier #6 with chicken is excellent. If you're in the mood for sushi, Take is the most popular choice, but don't expect too much because there is no good sushi in Kingston.

              To be completely honest, there are no consistently good "high end" restaurants in Kingston. At least in comparison to Toronto, Montreal, New York or LA.

              Chez piggy is slightly overpriced and while being "high end", it wouldn't be my first choice. If you really want a nice dinner, my choice would be Casa Domenico. A nice selection of Italian-styled fare. Aqua terra, Chez Piggy, Olivea, and Chien Noir can be wildly inconsistent with bad service and hit or miss as far as food. Second place would be Chien Noir but the recent menu changes and service have been subpar. Atomica is a sister resto of chien noir, more casual serving mostly pizza and pastas. Windmills is a more casual cafe as well, popular for brunch and decent.

              Kingston does have a variety of patio/pubs which are very nice, including the Kingston Brew Pub, Tir Na Nog, and Toucan. A great late night tapas place with great atmosphere and young professional crowd is Tango. Excellent selection of interesting martini's and delicious sweet potato fries.