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Jan 21, 2009 08:26 AM

good gift ideas for someone who loves to bake?

I'm not a baker myself, so consider me clueless. Price range is flexible--$25 on the low end, $75 on the high. Thanks so much in advance!

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  1. Take a look at Pampered Chef Stoneware. I've given it to many as gifts.
    A pizza stone is about $25 & is very versatile. I use mine every day & even have the small bar pan in my toaster oven. Makes a huge difference. One friend just got a lasagna pan for Christmas & she absolutely loves it. It was around $40ish. There are muffin pans & bundt cake pans that are all made of stoneware as well.

    My other suggestion would be a Kitchen Aid Mixer and that would be several hundred dollars.

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      Before I even clicked on the topic and read this response, my first thought was a baking stone. I would look at fibrament stones as opposed to pizza stones from Pampered Chef. Fibrament is very good quality and you avoid the handles that come on the Pampered Chef stuff. Handles are unnecessary and they can get in the way.

    2. If you don't know what they have I would suggest a King Arthur gift certificate.

      I also agree with the baking stone, and you could put in a bench knife/scraper and a sil-pat.
      A gift that would be very unique if they would be interested in a chef's jacket. I love to bake but I cant wear aprons, so a chefs jacket keeps my blouse clean and gets me in the proper mood. You can personalize them with colored buttons and linings if your interested.

      1. How about a scale? I have (and love) the Salter one, which weighs in US and metric:
        (When using it, it's best to put a sheet of plastic wrap over the weighing platform to keep ingredients from falling between it and the control area.)

        1. It depends on what they like to bake. If they are bread bakers, a good banneton would be a great gift.

          Whole vanilla beans, sparkling sugar, high quality chocolate in slabs, high quality cocoa, high quality dried fruits etc. would all be wonderful for the baker who bakes sweet things. (Meduri World Delights carries some exceptionally fine dried fruit - I'm a passionate baker and personally would be thrilled to receive a gift of one of their products.


          The King Arthur gift certificate another poster mentioned is a great idea if you are not sure what the person already has. (Another reason I suggested the vanilla beans etc.)

          1. They probably have a stand mixer if they bake. One of those new beater blades (Beater Blade+) that scrapes the bowl as it beats and gets down into the dimple at the bottom would be very welcome.

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              1. re: Candy

                Be aware that the company designing the Beater Blades + is not making them for the 5 qt. Viking at this time. If you want to complain let me know and I can supply you with the 800 number to voice your complaint. I had the problem crop up with a very good customer today.
                I called the distributor who told me that they might be available towards the end of the year. They need more nagging, on their dime. That is not good enough, we need them now.