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Jan 21, 2009 08:03 AM

San Diego- Birthday Dinner- Lobster-Kids

okay, that title sums it up. Will be in San Diego for Mom's 75th birthday. Looking for a festive restaurant to celbrate with 6 adults and 3 kids under 8. And Lobster is her favorite food so we're looking mostly at seafood places. Assume they can special order if not on the regular menu.
Any ideas? Cafe Pacifica looked fun but can't find recent reviews and I understand that they changed management very recently. McCormick and Schmick fits the bill but possibly too corporate?
Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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  1. I like King's. It's fun for kids and there is great variety on their menu. In addition they currently have both Maine and Spiny lobsters.

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      Old Man, Kings looks fun.. I think I was thinking of something a little more formal since it's a big birthday- I know.. formal yet kid friendly- sheesh...

      Can anyone give me recent feedback on Cafe Pacifica?

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        Cafe Pacifica in Old Town closed, sold to Italian restaurant owners that have a place in Little Italy. Primarily seafood oriented but I have seen not seen any favorable reviews. If you want fancy why not try the Marine Room. They have begun to offer "Lobster Monday" deal, three courses for $40. Choice of 3 lobster preparations for entree.

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          I understand a little more formal, but 3 kids under 8. That's a tough one.

      2. What about Jasmine Seafood in Kearny Mesa? I'm not sure they'll do a steamed Maine or Spiny Lobster, but I know they have a number of Lobster dishes; you can give'em a call & ask, phone number is (858) 268-0888.

        1. Surprisingly, Red Tracton's in Solana Beach offers great lobser, although they're enormous and can feed 2-3 people. Plus despite the kitschy old-school steak house decor, Red Tracton's is very family friendly.

          1. the Fish Market in Downtown is very good and kid friendly. they offer to options, the downstairs is fairly informal with great views of the bay and boat activity.

            Upstairs is a little more formal, even better views, they do have a small room with a door that perhaps you could request.

            Plenty of parking, located next to the MIDWAY, and it offers a nice opportunity to walk after the meal.

            We recently went there with a large group, that included a table of kids and everything was great. They have a good kids menu, that offers standard kids stuff, and fish specialties as well.

            Good Luck!


            1. Thank you everyone. These are all great suggestions. I think we are going to try to stay San Diego proper. I think my dad wants a place really special (so probably not super kid friendly but we'll eat early) Looking at Oceanaire. McCormick and Scmick still our fall-back unless y'all have dire warnings. In any case I'll try to report back. Dinner is in mid-march.

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                McCormick and Schmicks used to have on Thursday's.. $19.99 local lobster night..

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                  The upstairs portion of the Fish MArket is very nice and mature.