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Jan 21, 2009 07:45 AM

L'Espalier Question

I am contemplating going to L'Espalier for their lunch tasting menu, which looks absolutely fantastic.

Here's my question, my gf and I are not wine connoisseurs. Would it be awkward to order just one regular drink or a beer with this tasting menu. Given that L'Espalier is such a wine-centric restaurant that I would not want to feel out of place by not imbibing in their specialty.

Thank you.

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  1. The vintner's tasting with the $40 lunch degustation is an optional upgrade (and at $20 for two half-glasses kinda looks like a swindle). The $24 power lunch doesn't even have matched wines.

    No one would look askance if you skipped the alcohol for health or religious reasons; there's nothing rude about ordering beverages as you wish, even if the restaurant is famed for an extensive wine list.

    I wouldn't order the bottled water, either: Boston's tap water is excellent.

    1. Yes, what JB said. They also promote a lot of special juices they make. Why not try one of those. But do excaly what YOU want... remember, the customer is king!

      1. I agree with the other posters re: wine. Also, I had the winter degustation lunch in December and it was excellent. I am very excited for you. Enjoy!

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          Get what you want and don't worry about what they might think of you. But, it would be nice to have wine with the meal. Do you just not like wine, or would not be sure what to order? If the latter they will be glad to make suggestions.

        2. My motto is always order what you want, you are paying the bill. Any restautant worth its salt would never blink an eye or make you feel uncomfortable (L'Espalier is in this group). Any that might are ones I would never go back to.

          I very much agree with MC Slim JB's comment on "going tap" for water