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Jan 21, 2009 07:25 AM

Your BEST crockpot chili or something else I can crock up

I want to WOW people on Super Bowl Sunday. Can you share your very best crockpot chili recipe or something else that can be done in a crockpot on game day?

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  1. My Super Bowl Chili;
    start the DAY BEFORE, the flavors have to blend!

    2lbs ground beef (or meatloaf mix)
    2lbs beef stew cubes (chuck), cut into bite-size pieces
    1 lg onion, chopped
    3-4 garlic cloves chopped
    2 red or green peppers, (your choice) diced
    1 chipotle pepper in adobo sauce (one pepper, not the whole can!)
    1 28oz can diced tomatoes in puree
    2 14oz cans tomato sauce (with green chile peppers are good)
    2 14oz cans kidney beans (light or dark) drained and rinsed
    1 14 oz can black beans same as above
    1 14 oz can cannellini beans same as above
    1 12oz can beer, any kind
    chili powder
    garlic powder
    salt and black pepper
    cayenne pepper
    here's the secret ingredient 1 square unsweetened Baker's chocolate

    In stock pot, saute onions, garlic and red or green peppers until soft. remove to crockpot. brown ground meat, add to crock pot, same with the cubed meat. Add all the juices and fat too! FLAVOR! It's once a year, don't be worried about chloresterol! Turn crockpot up to high, add all the tomatoes and the beans. when it starts to heat up (bubble) add the beer, (it'll foam up) let that get hot, then start adding the seasonings to taste. What this means is, start with at least 1-2 tablespoons of chili powder and cumin (don't be shy!), some garlic powder, salt and black pepper, scrape the seeds from the chipoltle pepper and chop it up and throw that in with some of the adobo sauce maybe 1 tsp. now, let it cook up a while, we're looking for a nice reddish-orangeish color, you'll probably have to add some more of the spices. If it's not too spicy, sprinkle a little cayenne in, not too much that gets' hotter as it goes along. Again, the color will dictate the taste, if it's still red like straight tomatoes you need more spice, but go easy on the salt and the cayenne, folks can always add more if they want it hotter or saltier. Now, when it's getting nice and hot and rich-looking, drop in the unsweetened chocolate, and let that melt right in. That adds another layer of flavor, and deepens the color. Let it cook at least four hours, you'll need to remove the lid now and then and let it cook off some of the liquid so it's not too soupy. you can just cook it over night if that's easier, then cook it down in the morning. But you should let it cool so the flavors blend, then heat it up again. It sounds like a lot of work but it's definitley worth it, I get asked to make this every year, and once it's in the pot it's just a matter of adjusting the taste every now and then. we serve with white rice, shredded cheddar, tortilla chips, chopped raw onion, it's a huge hit!

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    1. re: moma1bud

      This recipe would be OK if you omit all the beans. Beans do not go INTO chili, they are served on the side, usually as frijoles refritos.

      It is not that I dislike beans, because I cook with them several times a month. They just should not infest chili.

      My auto license plate reads 'TX CHILI', and I have cooked chili on TV with an executive chef from one of Philly's top restaurants. He was born and raised in Texas.

      1. re: ChiliDude

        hey 'dude- not claiming it to be "authentic", particularly since we're not from texas and have never been there (though I wouldn't mind trying some!), that's just the way we (well, my family and friends) like it here on sunny LI. Beans see to add more flavor and also help to thicken things up, so it's just our version, there's a thousand different ways to make chili I would imagine. I'm not a "pro" however... and my licence plate wouldn't make me one at any rate.

        1. re: ChiliDude

          A matter of personal taste. I am a native Texan and I always include beans in my chili even though purists claim they do not belong.

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            ChiliDude... do you have a slow cooker chili recipe you can offer up?

          2. There are redbeans and rice recipes out there.
            Two things I like to do are make jerk chicken (or pork) in the CP or pork/chicken with kimchi. Serve both over rice.


            1. I have a really great recipe for Crock Pot Chili Verde (Pork in a green sauce) If you're interested, I will post it.

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                1. re: lupaglupa

                  Thanks for asking..............

                  CROCKPOT CHILI VERDE

                  1 Onion -- coarsely chopped
                  1 Bell pepper, green – coarsely chopped
                  5 Garlic cloves -- minced
                  1 tb Olive oil
                  4 oz can diced Green chilis
                  5 serrano chili peppers
                  10 – 12 fresh tomatillo
                  2 – 3 lb Pork shoulder- trimmed & cut in large cubed
                  2 t dried Oregano
                  2 t dried Sage
                  1 tb ground Cumin
                  1 t Red pepper flakes
                  1/2 c Beer

                  (cook’s note) I love hot, spicy food, so I use the serrano peppers and also add 1 or 2 habaneros. These are considerably hotter than jalapenos, but have a wonderful fruity taste. If you don’t like the heat, substitute jalapenos as your chili of choice.

                  Sauté onion and green pepper with the garlic in olive oil. I also sauté my chili peppers to help release the flavor. Put this in the crock pot with the can of diced green chilies. Peel, rinse and roughly chop the tomatillos. (I’m lucky that I can buy fresh ones in the grocery, but you could substitute canned. However, please do not use green tomatoes… very different.

                  Brown the pork in the skillet you used for the onion and peppers. Add that to the crock pot with the seasonings. Add ½ cup beer (I don’t know what the beer is for but it was in the recipe and after I add the ½ cup, I drink the rest.)

                  Cook on low for 8 – 10 hours or until the pork is very tender. During the last hour of cooking, if you want a thicker gravy, make a slurry of cornstarch and stir it into the crock pot. I use about 1 tb of cornstarch.

                  I love to make burritos using flour tortillas. I like my burritos with the chili, rice and cheese, but any filling is good. You can also serve this in bowls with tortillas on the side.

                    1. re: janetms383

                      This looks wonderful! If I cannot get my hands on fresh tomatillo, is there a substitution? Also, will any kind of beer work? Thanks!

                      1. re: hto44

                        Found canned tomatillo at the grocery store today! Looking forward to making this for Super Bowl Sunday!

                2. web up a recipe for "tinga" - shredded chicken in a smokey chipotle sauce.
                  It always blows ppl away. serve it with taco style fixins.

                  I'd do three or four crocks filled with mexican stewy meats for a taco / nacho bar.

                  a crock of fake cochinita pibil, or if you can get your hands on some carnitas, just toss it in the crock to stay warm


                  Maybe some queso "fundido"

                  1. I'm planning to do pork ribs in the slow cooker. I've used AB's recipe here with great results, and it's very popular recipe: