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Jan 21, 2009 07:15 AM

Best time to have dinner?

I wanna have dinner at somewhere nice in NYC (maybe balthazar) in few weeks. I'm gonna make reservations in advance. But i was wondering what are the best times to have dinner?

i want an overall good experience and i'm flexible to eat at different times. I dont mind crowds, i actually like them sometimes just for the ambiance factor,being in a crowded restaurant is sorta fun. However i dislike when the waiter cant handle his load...

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  1. 8.00 is the most popular reservation in NYC. Little before, little after is fine too.

    1. I detest eating early, when there's no vibe and the place is like a morgue. I say cocktails as early as 6:30, ultimately get seated at roughly 8 or a bit later, languidly order starters, breathe, converse, into mains. It's so much more civilized than knowing they're trying to process you quickly (when you're a 6:30 or 7 rezzie) so they can get the serious diners in at 8!