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Jan 21, 2009 07:07 AM

african caterer

My church is putting a fundraiser together in Toronto and we need to find a caterer for African food. Anyone know any?



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    1. re: JamieK

      I don't consider that to be authentic African food. They serve Indian food as cooked by people of Indian or Pakistani decent who live in East Africa. (usually Uganda or Tanzania).
      Susan is probably thinking of food closer to what is on this menu:

      She's better off looking for food from an Ethiopian or Sudanese restaurant.

      1. re: foodyDudey

        Some menu items fit that description, but by all means not all. Ugali is African food, pure and simple and would never be found in an Indian restaurant in EA. Ditto nyama choma. Ditto the style of samosas served there.

        Indian and African cultures have mixed for a long time in that area and Indian food has influenced the local cuisine (as have some British food customs). Curry powder is a staple in Ugandan cooking and is found in even greater extent in other locations, such as the Swahili coast. Are these cuisines not African? Does the food eaten daily by Africans qualify as African, or must we aspire to some long lost notion of pre-colonial authenticity for it to qualify?

        And the Indian people who have lived in Africa for generations, is their food not authentic? How long do they have to live there before it is? Is American food simply inauthentic British food? If not, then what is the difference?

        Simba isn't perfect; I particularly take issue with its store-bought chapatis, but it is the only place I know of to go to when I want a nice bit of posho and greens and I don't feel like cooking for 3 hours. It's as authentic as anything I've come across since I left East Africa.

    2. Terenga is a Senegalese restaurant in Kensington. They cater

      M & B Yummy is an Ethiopian vegetarian restaurant in Parkdale that caters. Good and inexpensive.
      And you don't need plates or cutlery!

      1. It occurred to me that many good things have been said about the food at AfroFest. You might contact Music Africa for their recommendations. In the meantime, here’s a list of restaurants from their website:

        1. The cuisines of Africa are as varied as its peoples. Is there a particular kind of food you have in mind? A particular country or area? Are you hosting this event for people visiting from Africa? I would hate to point you towards Ethiopian cuisine if you're welcoming guests from Cameroon.

          1. its hard to find a lot of restaurants that have ugali.
            theres new bilan downtown, serves somalian cuisine i believe they cater they were a part of afrofest. great chipatis, pretty cheap too. not the fanciest restaurant but the food is good and authentic.
            they do goat, beef and chicken stew, bbq chicken. i love their rice as well..

            theres a lot of ethiopian options as well.