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Jan 21, 2009 06:57 AM

21st birthday lunch with a vegetarian

We want to take our daughter out for lunch on her 21th birthday. She's a vegetarian and we want it to be special.

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    1. I agree with Candle 79; great food, nice ambiance. Somplace with delicious food but less nice atmosphere- angelica's kitchen on East 12 street. The menu has a little more appeal to non-vegetarians who may be dining with you. I personally prefer Candle 79, though.

      1. Pure Food & Wine or Dirt Candy

        1. Franchia (veg Korean teahouse on 34th and Park) is really nice if you DON"T do the prix fix.
          They have an entree with kabocha squash which is great. Organic wines and teas. A GREAT vegan cheesecake. Plus it's a really beautiful restaurant. Chic.

          1. The ambiance and options at Dévi are fantastic without requiring omnivores to be painted into a corner for a meal.

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              I think that is a great suggestion, though I've not been since it reopened. I liked the food at Candle 79, but, well, as an omnivore, would prefer somewhere else.