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Mar 9, 2004 10:53 PM

Peppadew Peppers

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Does anyone know where I can get these red pepper wonders in LA? I recently had them in NYC (in a tangy vinegary brine) and loved them. Where can they be found in Los Angeles?


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  1. Try the Whole Foods on Fairfax and Santa Monica in the deli/meat/cheese section. I recall getting them there a few months back.

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      Hershey Bomar

      They have em at my Whole Foods aa well, the one in Sherman Oaks.

      Really tasty peppers. They told me they're from S. Africa.

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      1. re: Hershey Bomar

        yes they are indeed South African - my sister-in-law travels there for business and I guess that is how she discovered them.

        Thanks to all who responded - now I just need to head to Whole Foods (I'm close to both SO and Coldwater Canyon branches) to score a stash


      2. Fought my way off the 405 to the Sherman Oaks Whole Foods and there was a nice vat of them at the cheese/meats/olives counter.

        Thanks to all for their suggestion.

        1. I don't know where you live - but the RALPHS in Studio City on Ventura and Vineland just opened a cheese bar and they have FRESH sweet and juicy Peppadews in the Olive Bar. They are so incredible and crunchy - that you will NEVER eat one out of a jar again! Good luck and good eat'n!

          1. Always in the Olive Bar at Gelson's Silver Lake. And usually in Von's Olive Bar.