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Jan 21, 2009 06:49 AM

Weekend in Houston

I'm a foodie from New Orleans, whose friends have all abandoned her for higher paying jobs in Houston, so I am going to visit them for a weekend. I will be arriving on Friday evening and am trying to find a great, but not terribly expensive restaurant to have dinner at on Friday. We'll be a rather large group (probably about 10 people), but will be sending people ahead of time to get a table, while one person comes to get me from the airport. I need suggestions, because my friends always leave the restaurant decisions up to me, since I work in the food industry!! Also, suggestions for any other meal would be very much appreciated.
Thank you!

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  1. This question is recurring. Look down page for "Holiday Best" and other threads, and all the reply posts they generate. It also helps to make your subject header and information requests more specific (what part of town, what time of day, what kind of cuisine, whether crowd seating, RSVP, $$$ etc etc etc)

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    1. Whats not terribly expesive?
      For moderate high I would go Ibiza, catalan, Churrascos, Indika, gravitas or Reef.
      For Moderate Priced Doce Vita, Shade,
      Cheapish Himalaya, El Tiempo.