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Jan 21, 2009 06:28 AM

Foodie on a road trip

I'm heading out from Chicago heading to Chesapeake, Va on Monday morning. G Maps tells me to take 80 to 76 to to 70 to 95 to 64 (basically). I'm looking for great local food close to the highway. Nothing too fancy, just "can't miss" foods.

I appreciate any suggestions.


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  1. I'll keep thinking of more on the East side of things. As you get near the end of 70 at Baltimore, then Pit Beef is just off the highway (and you'll be right near Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid).

    Pioneer Beef
    1600 N Rolling Rd,
    Windsor Mill, MD
    (410) 455-0015


    Though, looking at the map - if you don't neccesarily want to go to Baltimore, then when on 70, drop down 270, and go around the DC beltway on the West side.

    1. You can find suggestions for the I-80 portion of the trip in these topics:

      Milwaukee to D.C. trip -
      Urgent: Hwy 80 Iowa / Indiana / Illinois good food? -
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      Once you hit I-76, you're crossing into Pennsylvania and out of the Midwest forum.

      1. Sorry I missed this... Just off of I-80 in Granger, Indiana is a GREAT place called Yesterday's. Check it out if you get a chance.


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          I went to Yesterday's last year and posted a detailed report on it in the discussion about South Bend at In a nutshell, I thought it was okay but nothing special (certainly not "great"), notable mostly for its old-fashioned heavy/rich menu selections and its huge but otherwise unappealing desserts. The OP has already taken his/her trip, but that topic has additional recommendations for South Bend in case anyone is interested.