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Jan 21, 2009 06:24 AM

Cafe for Breakfast in Nassau?

I live in Seaford and it seems like there's really not much to go to in the area if I want to sit down and have a nice pastry and some good coffee for breakfast. Anyone know of any place?

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  1. Hello, wintermute. Try Rebecca's Cafe in Amityville; I've posted about it here before, and it's a local favorite of mine for breakfast.
    178 Park Ave, Amityville (on the west side of the triangle where 110/Broadway splits in the village)

    They bake their own muffins and the like--I don't know what else they have for pastries (I prefer omelets and similar savory breakfasts).

    1. Gotta agree with Scott R. GO to Rebeccas Cafe it has an amazing breakfast menu!
      Open everday . And its so adorable,, a quiant country Victorian theme.
      Let me know what you think