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Jan 21, 2009 06:20 AM

Going to Barbados in March. What to eat?

I'm spending a week in Barbados in March. I'm looking forward to the trip for the beach, etc. But most of all, a chance to test the local food. We'll be staying in a condo and cooking for ourselves aside from eating out, so that's another adventure. I'm hoping to get some insight on the following:

1) Best place for seafood, grilled simply
2) Places for provisioning (beer, breakfast items, steaks, seafood, etc.) to cook at home
3) Best place for a 'fancy' meal. I'll have one night off with my wife, away from our baby, so we would like a special meal
4) Any good jerk spots. I know it's not Bajan, but I hear there are some places for jerk
5) A spot for beachside dining, emphasis on cheap and good

I'll be staying in Mullins, near Speightown. No car.

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  1. I love Flying fish. I even took some home in a box all frozen and ready to go. Go to Oistens on Friday night for the fish fry. I love Rum Punch in BGI. It is more like a Ti Punch. Enjoy.

    1. You will probably need to take taxis to wherever you eat without having a car.

      1) For seafood I would suggest The Tides, or The Fishpot (in Speightstown). These are both "fancier" places. However, Just Grillin West in the Sunset Crest area has fantastic grilled fish, chicken, and burgers and grilled veggies. Very inexpensive.

      2) For food supplies, there is a really good supermarket in the Sunset Crest area - JB's. When we have stayed in the Mullins area it's very close - 10 min. max. They carry everything.

      3) Fancy meal: The Tides, or for a very expensive splurge - The Cliff. Make reservations way in advance.

      4) - Not sure about jerk

      5) Beachside dining: Fisherman's Pub in Speightstown is great. Also, farther down the coast - Surfside Beach Bar and Restaurant. Also, the Beach House in Sunset Crest is great as is Zaccio's.

      Hopefully you will enjoy. I have pictures of some restaurants on my blog at:


      1. I second Oisten's fish fry on Friday night, but would suggest you get on the longest line-whoever he is, he's the best.

        1. Just back from a cruise that included Barbados and had a flying fish sandwich with some of the hottest sauce ever tasted - it looked so nice in the side dish that I piled it on without testing first, but even that did not help the basically dull fishy sandwich - ate at a pleasant dockside outdoor spot somewhere on the edge of town, but not to recommend it myself. Heavy, greasy chips even the vinegar did not cut came with it. Disappointment.

          The Mount Gay Rum factory tour was interesting and they had a nice tasting at the end of the tour.