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Jan 21, 2009 05:44 AM

Restaurant recommendations please

I am visiting the Natural History Museum and want to know of any good restuarants in that area for lunch and/or dinner.

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  1. Big Nick's Burger Joint for something casual, but delish (that's if you're a meat eater, of course!)

    1. There are some good restaurants around 77th-78th and columbus. Isabella and Ocean Grill come to mind, my favorite of the two being Ocean Grill. Sushi of Gari's second location is on that block as well, and an excellent choice for sushi.

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      1. re: silencespeak

        Another vote for Ocean Grill, literally in back of Natural History. I love their brunch menu, reservations required, a real bargain with a drink.

      2. Calle Ocho. Cafe Frida (pretty good food, though lousy service). Shake Shack. Pinch & S'mac.

        1. if you are looking for a nice lunch spot at a great deal, i would say dovetail (just a block away at 103 W. 77th nr Columbus)...Dovetail is offering a $28 recession special 3-course lunch.

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          1. re: winedanddined

            I 2nd the Dovetail recommendation. The $28 deal is the price of one of their entrees normally.

          2. Also, Kefi is delicious if you enjoy mediterranean food.