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Rehearsal Dinner, also in Mpls

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Hi again folks! Now that we've decided on wedding and reception sites, I'm moving on to the rehearsal dinner. It will be a Saturday night and I'd like to keep it relatively inexpensive as I think we'll have over or around 50 guests. Does anyone have suggestions of a less formal space where we can bring in catering (I was thinking Pepito's) and our own wine and beer? All thoughts are appreciated, thanks in advance! -raf

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  1. Depends on when you're getting married (more options might be available)....what month? And if you don't mind, where did you end up booking for your reception venue? Congrats!

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      Thank you! We decided on the beginning of September with the ceremony at Peavey Plaza (Orchestra Hall, downtown) and the reception across the street at Brit's. They've got 2 great private areas overlooking the bowling green and have agreed to give us half of the green so it will (hopefully) be a sunny afternoon celebration... We are pretty excited abotu it all and will feel a ton better once we register, decide on the rehearsal, choose a couple of hotels, and send out a save-the-date. Then I don't want to think about it for a few months!

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        Braemar Golf Course in Edina is a great spot that is inexpensive to rent and then you can bring in your own catering. Call Amy Smith at 952-826-6791 for more info.

        I do a lot of corporate wine events there when the company has a strict budget.

    2. All the regional parks have pavillions which you can reserve, if you want a very casual dinner. They allow beer and wine and have some great sites. Google Three Rivers Park District for a bunch of them. I know Ramsey County also have some.

      We had our reception at the Theo Wirth Park Pavillion in Minneapolis in September. It was wonderful. It is super cheap, but has a kitchen area including fridge and place for a buffet. Non-intoxicating liquors are allowed, which basically means 3.2 beer and it must be in cans. Not the greatest situation, but a really great place. (we had canned beer of all types and boxed wine and did not get caught.)

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        We went to an engagement party in this pavilion last summer and I can say that there didn't seem to be any policing of the canned 3.2 beer policy as the conveners had a 1/4 barrel of Surly and a couple cases of wine.

        Not that you should break the rules...however it would appear they can be bent ;)