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Jan 20, 2009 08:50 PM

need rec for quick cheap lunch Yonge/Eg

We are going to be in the area tomorrow and want to get a bite between meetings.

Must be vegetarian friendly - and not Thai (no peanuts allowed) .

Is there anything quick in the area? Does not have to be 5 star - must be clean tho.


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  1. If you're into Indian, I really like the lunch buffet at Chef of India. North side of Eglinton, east of Yonge.

    I think you can get veggie at Moe's Southwest Grill. I like the place and it seems to score well here.


    1. second the Chef of India buffet

      Chef of India
      30 Eglinton Ave E, Toronto, ON M4P1A6, CA

      1. There's the food court at the Yonge and Eg Riocan malll, but I wouldn't give it a thumbs up. It's only palatable. There's also Hiro sushi on Yonge and north of Eglinton (past the mall), which you may find some vegetarian friendly rolls. There's also a couple other resturants there.

        I've never tried the Chef of India place yet. I'm interested but I don't think my coworkers are super keen to do so.

        1. I'm glad to see positive talk about Chef of India, haven't seen any reviews really, then just tried it last Fri.
          I guess its more a lunch place cause dinner was almost empty just a few tables in use.
          Staff and service excellent, first comers get window tables, i figure service was attentive since it was slow but that'd be great if its all the time.
          I like how the samosa apps came with chana masala but below average overall.
          Curry shrimp sauce bland but the shrimp was really huge and meaty.
          Saag paneer very good, would definitely return.
          For i didn't like the Bombay place last time i went, down the street going east, think it used to be Bombay Bhel now its Bombay Cuisine something or other.

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          1. re: Little T

            I've read that it's much better for lunch. I've only been for lunch and love it.


          2. Sandwich box, not cheap, but good (especially their soups)
            and quick.

            Dont know if you were looking for a sit down or a QSR (quick service restaurant)

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            1. re: flying101

              i'm a huge fan of sandwich box and think it's a great deal. well worth the cash for fast food!