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b bars in Baltimore

Some friends and I have a New Year's Resolution of sorts to try a different bar every two weeks, starting with A and working our way to Z. We need a good 'B' place that isn't Brewer's Art or Bertha's. The only one I can think of so far is Bert's in Charles Village. We can go further afield than Baltimore, but that's our home base.

b bistro was suggested but I've never been and thought it was more of a sit-down place than a bar scene.

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  1. If you just need a "B" Bay Cafe? But there has to be better options...

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      Ha, yes! For whatever reason, there are a lot of crappy bars that start with b! That's why I had to turn to the Chowhounds.

    2. Bill Bateman's is fairly solid as far as bars go.

      1. In Fells Point you've got Birds of a Feather (the Scotch bar), Blarneystone and Brass Monkey. Then headed over to Canton/Brewers Hill you've got Bartenders, Bleachers, Baltimore Tap House (formerly Growlers) & Brewers Hill Pub. Personally, I'd go with Bartenders on Boston Street. Aside from being a fun bar they put out some pretty tasty pizza, too.

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        1. Upstairs at the Brass Elephant?

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            I was considering that one -- if I don't do it this time, I can save it for T (since it's technically called the Tusk Lounge).

          2. I'd like to see your A-Z list when you guys complete it! Where was A and what did you think? FWIW-Try Birds of a Feather...Bartenders is a cool bar too though

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              A was Asahi Sushi in Fell's. I'd never been to the old location, but the new one is very nice. It's BYOB, so I had a veggie roll and a spicy tuna role for $11 including tip. Very nice service. My one and only complaint was that the sushi was rolled a bit loosely -- I almost lost a roll or two in transit. But I liked it very much and hope to go back lots.

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                I originally suggested b bistro, but I think Bartenders or Birds of a Feather is the way to go.

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                  Thanks! I'd like to try it, sounds like it won't break the bank either, which is always a plus.

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                    A should have been Annabel Lee's... too bad you missed it.

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                      I've been to Annabel Lee's before -- it is a nice place! Actually, I think it was my A from last year (when I only got to E, I think -- but I'm doing much better this year so far!). It's not a hard and fast rule, but I'm trying to use the alphabetical happy hour to try new places. Otherwise, we'd all just go to our standard spots, which have worn a little think lately.

                      Obviously the posters have no way of knowing what I've tried -- that's why I put the kibosh on nice 'B" spots like Brewers Art, Bertha's and Brass Elephant.

                2. How about "Bar" in Fells Point?

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                    I remembered "Bar" after I made my suggestions, but that's a whole different world of drinking there. I also forgot Bad Decisions in Fells across from Ale Mary's. I guess the question is if the OP is looking for food along with the drinks, or is this just an occasion to imbibe at some of Baltimore's memorable drinking holes?

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                      Oh, Bad Decisions! I always wanted to try that place. I appreciate truth in advertising. But it would be good to have some food with the drinks.

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                        "Bar" is indeed something else. I haven't been there for years, but at the time the wine list consisted of "red and white". I can't remember if they still had the vinyl LP's for the music.

                    2. For a cultural experience, you could always go to Bamboo Bernie's!

                      Or the Barn on Harford Road.

                      1. Bartenders! Or Bertha's, Brewers Art, Babalu, Blue Agave...that is such a great idea- I'm thinking of poaching it with my own friends!

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                          Gasp! No! You cannot! It is totally my original and copyrighted idea! And not at all something I poached from a Going Out Gurus chat from the Washington Post from five years ago!

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                            love it love it love it. unfortunately mi amigas lack that sort of structure. we'd get tipsy and distracted. so i must live vicariously through you...please keep us posted!

                        2. Thank you so much for all the suggestions! We ended up at Bartenders in Canton and had a terrific experience.

                          If anyone has ideas for C bars, give a shout. So far the best I can think of is Cinghale's 1/2 price wine night on Tuesday, but the place seems to get mixed reviews around these parts. I don't want to dish out Cindy Wolf-level money for anything mediocre.

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                            Corks! Well, I guess it depends on how big your group is but had some wine and snack with a few girlfriends at the bar in the back and it was GREAT. Or Captain Larry's on Fort Ave. I remember you saying you went to Asahi in Fells for your "A" trip so if BYOs are fair play then Clementine on Harford Rd is worth looking into as well.

                          2. Club Charles, Charles Village Pub, Claddaugh Pub, Cazbar, Cats Eye Pub, Canton Station, etc.