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Jan 20, 2009 07:47 PM

Canter's Redux

Won't beat this dead horse but felt compelled to post as follows:

To hostess--Gee, may we please be seated in main dining room; it's kind of out of the way in here? Certainly!

At deli counter--May I please get a taste of turkey pastrami; I've never had it. Sure! (Followed by a huge sample)

To waiter--Do you think I could get a Reuben made with turkey pastrami even though it's not on the menu? Yes, of course!

I usually drink Dr. Brown's Cherry but after so many hours in car, decide to order a martini and ask for an extra olive. Forgot to say extra dry, but a perfect martini soon arrives with three giant olives; waiter smiles and say he thought two wouldn't really be enough.

Is there any sweet-hot mustard? Absolutely.

Pickles--perfect in texture and doneness, for our taste--down to two; waiter drops off another plate, without being asked.

Both pastrami sand and Reuben more than adequate, as were potato salad and cole slaw; experience--sooo warm and welcoming.

BTW: There's been such a dramatic change in ethnic representation--from mostly older, often-Russian women to a UN's selection of race and nationality (as well as many more males)--I couldn't help wondering if there'd been a lawsuit. Amazingly, all the new servers and counter folks we dealt with had the same friendly, "of course" approach, never mind flawless pronunication of Hebrew and Yiddish items!

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  1. What a great post -- thanks, Fine!

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    1. re: sbritchky

      I stayed off the Canters bashing post that was just running but I have always liked the food, not stellar but it is a deli for God's sake....the pickles...perfect!

    2. Sooo happy to see a Canters-liking, as opposed to a Canters-bashing post! Maybe it's just nostalgia, or the fact that I didn't grow up in NYC...But I love Canters!!! I think the pastrami is great, I crave the potato knishes, and the chocolate florantine cookies are my favorite in the whole wide world...

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      1. re: schrutefarms

        I eat at Canter's twice a month, I almost always have a good experience with the servers and the food. Great place to sit at the counter and watch the action, nice people.

      2. What kind of a post is this? Where's the hate?

        We always like Cantor's and rate it about 90% for consistancy. If you like it one day, you will probably like it another.

        Come down to the deli wasteland of San Diego and you might even accept Jerry's! (Not me however.)

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        1. re: The Old Man

          Have you tried D Z Akins, off 70th south of Highway 80? We were nostalgic for Canter's until finding this!

        2. Another positive vote for Canter's. I've had nothing but good experiences there lately.

          1. I've always enjoyed our trips to Canter's, no matter with whom. Yes, I have gotten a couple of plates I somewhat regretted, but you really have to play to a restaurant's strengths, and (as has been said at least twice on this thread) it's a DELI, awreddy!