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Jan 20, 2009 07:02 PM

Kefi recommendations

Going to Kefi next weekend - anything that should not be missed?

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  1. I was very fond of the grilled octopus salad. It's one big ol' tentacle, so you kind of feel like a Klingon eating it. The selection of spreads was well-prepared and attractively presented, but you can get that anywhere, and (in my experience) there isn't all that much variation between taramosalatas - like pizza, even bad, it's pretty good. I also had the shrimp with orzo, which is a fine idea, but the shrimp was a bit overcooked, and the whole thing was too salty, like someone forgot there was feta involved. Salty, salty feta.

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      I don't agree that bad taramosalata is good, but that's OK. :-)

      Based on my experiences at the old location, here are some recommendations (and some have already been recommended):

      Grilled Octopus, Bean Salad

      Sheep's Milk Dumplings, Tomato, Pine Nuts, Spicy Lamb Sausage

      Sheep Milk Ravioli, Brown Butter And Sage * manti

      Grilled Branzino, Potato, Olive, Tomato

      Pan Seared Striped Bass, Green Beans, Potato, Capers, Olives

      Braised Lamb Shank, Orzo

      Broken Mousaka

      I also really like the salads, including the Greek salad, even though it could be criticized for being slightly watery from overdressing.

    2. i LOVE kefi! it's great food at such a great price. you're really going to love it. i also recommend the grilled octopus. it was perfectly cooked, very tender, great flavor. the crispy cod is also really, really great. i thought the selection of spreads was also very good. yes, you can get these spreads anywhere, but kefi does them very well. i also highly recommend the sheep's milk ricotta dumplings. the only thing i had when i was there that i was not so crazy about was the moussaka. those were the things that stood out to me when i ate there.

      i know you'll have an amazing dinner. please let us know what you end up eating!!

      1. Last time there, I had the meatballs (app) and the flat pasta with pulled rabbit - both were very good.

        1. Have been mostly to the old location (+ 1 visit to the new) but would agree with the meatballs recommendation -- very tasty.

          My favorite dish there recently has been one that I don't think many people order -- it's pork medallions, under shaved raw fennel with a butter/citrus sauce with capers and peppers. We've also enjoyed the fish dishes. (But then again, I also liked their moussaka, which I think has been taken off the menu.)

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            I'm with you on the pork medallions...I love that dish.

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              Kefi is no longer the restaurant it used to be. The love is gone. It's a money-making factory now. Cavernous and crowded but empty-souled. It's a real loss.

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                  You know, I could see why you would say that, but after trying the new location, I'd say both the service and the food are improved. We had a waiter who was very attentive, particularly with the water. And at the old place I often felt like there was way too much butter in certain things -- the pork dish I mentioned, and usually the rice/spinach side dish. But at the new place that was not an issue in the slightest. They appear to be paying attention....

                  1. re: JMJD

                    I think the food at Kefi is great, but the service is god awful. The last time I went there was a solid 45 minutes between courses and we were not trying to take out time.