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Jan 20, 2009 06:40 PM

DSM: Notable Downtown Dining Options

DSM Foodies...

A friend and I are road-tripping to Des Moines on Friday to catch a band at a downtown area club. (We're staying at the Renaissance Savery Hotel - Go Priceline!)

We'd like to find some place around the downtown area for dinner. Here's the other criteria:
Good food, Good service, Interesting (decor and/or food and/or location, etc.), Not a chain or something easily obtained in the Twin Cities (no Famous Dave's or Bucca), Price is not an object, but for the sake of discussion let's not get crazy (somewhere around 3-4 $'s out of 5), Not too difficult to get in in or get a reso (we're going 1/23/09), No particular style - we're open to ideas, What embodies DSM? (KC=BBQ (and beef))

We're also interested in ideas for Breakfast on Saturday - No holds barred on this. Can be DSM or northward towrds the TC's. Oh hell, for a *GOOD* breakfast. we'll travel anywhere...

Hit me with your best shots...

Thanks in advance,


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  1. Here's a link to an article that would be a good start....

    1. Breakfast is easy. West on 235 to 42nd, North to University, West again to Polk Blvd.
      That gets you to the Waveland Cafe. Saturday, be prepared to wait.
      Downtown, I will admit to never having been, but but from those whos opinions I trust, I would look at Django's.
      I like Raccoon River Brew Pub. Great food, good beer.
      If you like Craft beer, El Bait Shop. Strange (as in there is a shower in the middle of the bar)kind of intentionally dive bar, Ok cheap mexican food, great beer selection, but nothing that will rival Masala Mama, or for that matter anything from Surly. But a place you won't likely have anything to compare it to.
      Lots of stuff Downtown, all within blocks of each other. You'll have some fun.