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Jan 20, 2009 06:17 PM

Fran's Caramels in LA?

Hi All,

Has anyone seen Fran's caramels anywhere in LA? Obama's favorites sell online and in their retail stores in Seattle but can we get them locally?


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  1. I seen them regularly at the Whole Foods and Gelsons in Sherman Oaks.

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    1. re: Jwsel

      They are regularly at Whole Foods in El Segundo and I know I've seen them at a couple of different westside Whole Foods locations as well. So I'm betting that any Whole Foods will have them.

    2. They are at Andrew's Cheese Shop in Santa Monica on Montana. Not that great...compared to Little Flower or Breuget's...

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      1. re: BunnieBear

        I'll second that for Little Flower's caramel w/sea salt - heaven.

      2. Thanks everyone. Fran's just got back to me with their SoCal locations:

        Whole Foods
        Fraiche Fine Foods
        Joan's on Third
        Monsieur Marcel

        Little Flower's great but I'm looking forward to trying the presidential favorite.

        1. Bristol Farms on Beverly....I buy them weekly.

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          1. The original comment has been removed