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Mar 9, 2004 05:57 PM

Black & Whites/Half Moons

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I'm looking for a bakery in LA that makes great half moon cookies (aka black & whites) just like the ones I grew up eating in NY. I need to place willing to do them in custom colors as well.

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  1. You can get decent ones at Gelson's/Mayfair.

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    1. re: mc michael

      I have not tasted the Gelson's/Mayfair black & whites, but I did notice just yesterday that they were selling black & green's for St. Patrick's Day. I bet they would make you custom ones with your colors.

      This was at the Silverlake location on Hyperion.

    2. Brent's Deli in Northridge. I'm not sure about the custom colors but you can call them. Great cookies!

      1. Bea's Bakery in Tarzana has the best ones in LA.

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        1. re: Eric

          I heartily agree. I love Black and White Cookies and have tried many, including Jerry's, Art's and Fromen's. Bea's wins hands down, the others aren't in the same league.

          1. re: MattS

            By the way Art's Deli buys their Black and Whites from Bea's in Tarzana!!!

        2. If for some crazy reason, you want healthy ones, Mani's Bakery has them (no sugar and low fat or something like that).

          1. Jerry's Deli usually has Black & White cookies.