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Jan 20, 2009 05:57 PM

Japanese lunch spots in Midtown East?

Are there any good Japanese lunch spots near Grand Central? I'm looking for authentic Japanese food, like bento boxes, and good pastries are a plus. I already know about Cafe Zaiya, so no need to mention that place. Thanks!

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  1. Sakagura, Soba Totto, Aburiya Kinnosuke. I think they all do lunch specials.

    1. There's a place called Cafe Zest on 47th between Lexington & 3rd that serves great Japanese comfort food. Bento boxes, sushi, udon - you name it, they have it. They also have a sit-down area on the second floor that serves up 3-course lunch sets for under $10 (chicken teriyaki, chicken stew, etc.). Everything's fresh, flavorful, and consistently good. There's a tasty dessert selection, too, if you have a sweet tooth.

      By the way, I've been to Cafe Zaiya, and I much prefer this place.

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        Katsu-Hama-right next to maggie's, on 47th btwn mad and 5th

      2. Aburiya Kinnosuke has a really nice lunch set.

        Menchanko-Tei for good ramen (great for Midtown, but just so-so compared to the places in the EV)

        1. I second Sakagura-less than 5 min walk from GC. They do have lunch specials and good desserts. Each time I go there, I feel like I'm back in Tokyo, right down to the warm towels they serve when you sit down and after you have finished your meal to the computerized toilets in the restroom.

          1. Riki on E 45th/3rd Ave is the best for authenticity, they have noodles/yakitori/rice, and a bunch of tapas style that is designed for beer drinking all night. It's not a ramen please, if that is your craving go down the block to Menchanko Tei. Both places are about 90% japenese clientale.