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Jan 20, 2009 05:52 PM

Malden- Spice N Hot v Joti Palace

We recently were strongly encouraged to try Spice N Hot in Malden, and after doing a little bit of research here it sounds very much up our alley. However, in doing said research, I also found some recommendations for Joti Palace, also in Malden.

Thoughts on the relative merits of the two places and recommendations for adventurous eaters who are not afraid of a little heat?

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  1. never been to spice n hot but had the worst indian food ever at joti palace. bland, flavorless, and totally inedible. had to fill up on prepared foods from the vietnamese market next door

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    1. re: galangatron

      I haven't had that dreadful food at Joti Palace, but it's absolutely run-of-the-mill Indian and not worth making a special journey for.

      In that vein, do hounds have any recommendations for good Indian food within easy reach of Malden - I moved here recently and haven't yet found any places nearby to write home about.

      1. re: simonr

        I like the place in Stoneham square- Rang Indian REstaurant. Will admit, I have not been ther in a while, but did enjoy my meal. I think the owners also have another restaurant not too far away, either.

        1. re: macca

          second rang indian bistro in stoneham. haven't been in a while but remember the lunch buffet being incredibly fresh

          1. re: galangatron

            Yeah I've been to Rang several times and I think it is quite good. I was hoping to find something more hole in the wallish.....

        2. re: simonr

          I like Kebab Corner - 4110 Mystic Valley Parkway, Medford, MA

          Good quality food - delicious naan. It's tucked awar behind the CVS in Wellington Circle in Medford (corner of 28 and 16)

          1. re: didgeridoo

            Second the recommendation for Kebab Corner. The location's not exactly scenic, but the restaurant itself is quite nice (without being overly upscale) and the food is good.

            1. re: blink617

              Third Kebab Corner, and they deliver to Malden/Melrose. Way better than Spice N Hot.

          2. re: simonr

            Kebab Corner in Medford. WAAAAAY better than either Joti or Spice'n'Hot. We have lived in Malden for 5 years and until Kebab Corner opened, we were still driving to Somerville for Indian food. But no longer!

        3. I'd say skip them both. I don't remember if we ever tried Joti, but we definitely tried Spice-N-Hot and it was terrible. When I lived in Malden I used to drive to Union Square, Somerville to India Palace for takeout whenever we got the craving for Indian food.

          1. Hey, so, I live in Malden, we've tried both Spice 'N' Hot and Joti Palace...hands down to Spice 'N' Hot. We visited Joti once and were...underwhelmed compared to some of the nice Indian spots around Central Square Cambridge.

            Spice 'N' Hot doesn't have pretenses of fanciness, but the owner has a quirky style about the place, and often shows outrageous Bollywood movies on their little TV. Anyone who's ever sat there and watched an action hero eat a carrot and then storm a building with 2 handguns knows what I'm talking about.

            Anyway, the food is I'd say better than average (although not out of the park), and if you want some heat go for their Samosa Chaat set on 'medium'. Yum!

            1. My favorite Indian which is not too far away is The Pongol Restaurant on Rte 3A in Billerica. They specialize in South Indian food and they have an excellent buffet.