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Jan 20, 2009 05:43 PM

Valentine's Day

I am coming to DC for Valentine's Day Weekend, and I would love to go to a great restaurant with my boyfriend. We are staying at the Hotel Monaco, so probably some place not too far away. I am a huge foodie from New York...any suggestions?

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  1. Try to get a reservation at Central (great American/French bistro fare well prepared by one of our best chefs), Proof or Rasika (modern Indian). The Source isn't too far away it gets great reviews, but I haven't been.

    I am sure all these places have their own threads if you do a search.

    1. I would go to Corduroy or PS7. At both places, you can ask for a corner table, which will be more romantic.

      I also hear great things about Rasika but I've never been.

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        But coming from New York, I don't know that either would represent something that you couldn't get better done in New York, Corduroy maybe, PS7 definitely not unique or better than what you would get in NY in anyway.

        I would have put minibar on the list, but I doubt you can get in, you might see if they have a spot on the waiting list though, make other plans too though, as there are only 6 seats, and now that it was on No Reservations it is likely to be even harder to get in, although I have had good luck.

        Do you really want to stay near the hotel?? I think one of the best romantic foodie spots would be Restaurant Eve in Old Town if you can get in, that adds the bonus of one of the best bartenders in the nation making your cocktails, as well. Or the back room of Palena, it has simillar menus to what you find in NY, but the food is really excellent, the gnocchi is great it melts in your mouth, the pastas are very good, the other dishes have very delicately balanced flavors, as well.

        NY has good Indian, but Rasika is upscale Indian done really well.

        Also our Washington Post food critic is pretty good, you might check out his reviews and dining guide.

      2. I wouldn't recommend Corduroy...the food was good but the new atmosphere is far from romantic. We found it to be very sterile and off-putting.

        Try Locanda on Penn Ave SE between 6th and 7th. They have great Italian/Mediterranean dishes and it's not insanely pricey. It's a great neighborhood spot, and the chef used to be at Equinox.

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        1. re: samDC

          We had a fantastic experience at Corduroy a couple weeks ago. Top-notch food and service, but I agree that the decor is modern and spare and not overly romantic. However, anywhere good is going to be taxed on Valentine's Day, and Corduroy is as likely as any to be able to pull off a great experience, and a semi-quiet one, that day. The crowd will make it feel warm, and no doubt the staff will do something special to decorate it.

          1. re: bobovespa

            I think people have really different definitions of "romantic" so being specific is important. I've just been to Corduroy once (it was recently) and it was a group of four, but I thought the two-person booths would be romantic... to me. I thought the decor was spare but warm and comfortable. It's not particularly low lighting and it is quiet so you need to make your own conversation. Then again, I think sharing food is romantic, so I might prefer a small-plates, tapas kind of place, instead. This is just for a little more info!

            I think 1789 is considered romantic, I haven't been.

            1. re: mselectra

              I was thinking of those booths in terms of seating at Corduroy.

              Also good call on 1789. I always forget about that restaurant but it is certainly old-school, classic DC romance.

        2. obelisk is good. second the motion for proof. don't think rasika is quite so romantic. the source would be great but is more trendy than romantic.

          1. If you want to stay nearby, I would choose Rasika or Proof...both are great and delicious! Not sure if either would classify as 'romantic" but both have wonderful ambiences and memorable food. If wine is a priority, then Proof would fit the's my favorite wine bar (by far) in the city.
            The Source is more trendy than romantic.
            1789 is a great choice and very romantic but nowhere near Hotel Monaco.