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Jan 20, 2009 03:24 PM

Is Frigo mozzarella the west coast brand for Dragone?

Trying to figure this out....

Cooks Illustrated ranked Dragone whole milk mozzarella as their top supermarket brand.

I live in Los Angeles and have been unable to find Dragone cheese anywhere. I see from the parent company's website also manufactures Frigo mozzarella, which is widely available in Los Angeles supermarkets.

Is this the same cheese, branded differently (like Hellmann's vs. Best Foods)? Or is this product made with a different recipe entirely?

Thanks 'hounds

Mr Taster

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  1. Just asked a Saputo rep. that very question. She skirted the answer and would only say it was similar. I would say not. Looking for a place that would send me some. It is only sold in New England area
    Stella is also made by them.

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      Thanks for reviving my 4 year old unanswered thread :)

      In Sep 2011 Cooks did another taste test of supermarket mozzarella and Dragone has been dropped from the rankings-- most likely because they got too many complaints that it was an east coast-only brand. (They supposedly relied on a Chicago based company to inform them of national product distribution patterns, but too often their findings were too regional in nature to be useful to a national magazine distribution.) They've now even gone to soliciting "shopping volunteers" around the country to seek out availability of local products for them.

      The current top mozzarella is now Sorrento/Precious (the east and west coast versions of the same cheese) which have now been united under a single national brand called "Galbani". Their whole milk mozzarella is the winner.

      Mr Taster

    2. I never heard of Dragone~~ but we do have both Frigo and Stella. (southern California)