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Jan 20, 2009 03:24 PM

2 restaurants at The Chelsea, AC

Has anyone eaten at either of them? Chelsea Prime or Teplitzky's? Heading down there and staying at the Chelsea overnight, both look nice, but wondering if food is any good. thanks!

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  1. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner in November at Chelsea Prime. The service and atmosphere were great. It was typical steakhouse prices. We shared the porterhouse for two, chopped salad & lyonnaise potatoes. It was a nice experience.

    1. Just stayed at The Chelsea a few weeks ago - it is a really nice, clean hotel, with great customer service. Didn't have dinner there, but had breakfast at Teplitzky's (its more of a breakfast place anyway). Fruit was fresh, orange juice not fresh squeezed but a very good quality, omelettes were flavorful (and huge!), good crispy bacon too - overall a very good breakfast. If you care to venture out of the hotel for dinner, I recommend Capriccio at Resorts, we had a fantastic meal there.

      1. thanks! will have to report back in a few weeks.