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Jan 20, 2009 03:22 PM

Burns Night Supper -- preferrably in OC but beggars cannot be choosers

Hi there. I'm looking for a Burns Night Supper on the 25th. Last year about the only place around that I heard of was Tam O'Shanter. However, they have dumbed it down this year (serving Scottish offerings -- hmm, would this include haggis?) instead of the full blown supper with poetry, etc. Worse yet, they aren't even doing it on the 25th (it was last night, tonight and tomorrow night). Looks like the only other game in town is at the Whale & Ale in San Pedro, which I know nothing about. I live in OC so that would just be too much of an effort to make. Does anyone happen to know of anything closer where I can get unco fou and happy? Them having haggis isn't a dealbreaker, but some poetry and revelry would be appreciated.

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    1. re: nolanani

      Sounds like a typical Bobbie Burns night, but doesn't sound like you're getting any kind of dinner.

      1. re: monku

        Per the brochure: "The price of admission includes a taste of haggis and tatties 'n' neeps, as well as something to toast with." Not sure what a "taste" constitues nor whether "something to toast with" means scotch. Unfortunately, Canogo Park does little to solve my distance dilemna. Nevertheless, I appreciate the heads up

    2. The Whale and Ale would have been my suggestion as they only mention having a piper and none of the other nonsense. Since it is not at a set time just a special menu you seem to be getting the food without the poetry. Which most of us think is a good thing :-). The British and Dominion Club in Garden Grove does not seem to be doing anything either.

      1. Can't speak to quality or if it's even open but there is a place in Burbank called the Buchanan Arms.

        1. Probably because Sunday the 25th is Chinese New Years Eve?

          Kidding.......every Burns night I've been to at the Tam has been a mid-week event. Too bad they "dumbed" it down because it was done very well and a fun event. Maybe with the economy they don't want to waste a potentially profitable weekend evening on a one seating event. Rather go with a multi night dumbed down version hoping to attract some business. Is Chef Ivan still there?........he was always recognized for making the haggis.

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          1. re: monku

            I actually suspect it is because Restaurant Week starts on the 25th. But then again, the economy could really be the culprit and i'm not sure what kind of turnout they got last year.

          2. Just got a notice over on the SCARF board about a Burns Night thing, and then I saw that the haggis is VEGGIE! Oh, that is soooooo wrong...

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            1. re: Will Owen

              I guess they couldn't stomach the real thing!