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The Palm Steakhouse

I saw a clip of the Palm Steakhouse (I believe the one on Santa Monica) on a Travel Channel show. Although most of it featured the original New York City location, they did show the LA branch briefly. So I was wondering how the food is there, the steaks of course, but also the Italian dishes and pasta.

We'll be staying nearby on our next visit, so I thought it might be a possibility for dinner. Been to Dan Tana's previously, so I'm interested in someplace different with good food and service. I'd love to hear what LA hounds have to say about this place. Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. It has been a while since I've been there but their main thing is huge steaks and lobsters. They are in west Hollywood on Santa Monica Blvd. Service is professional New York style. All the food, including the salads and sides and seafood is fresh and quite good. We're talking BIG FOOD. If its pasta or italian that you are thinking of, L.A has some pretty decent places such as Valentino, Drago etc.

    1. I'm pretty positive The Palm does not serve pasta. There are 2 locations in LA - West Hollywood and Downtown. I prefer the West Hollywood location; it's more neighborhood-like and comfortable. I love their steaks which are served ala carte and side dishes served family style. My favorite side dish is the "half and half" - half fries and hald crispy onion rings. They also have delicious grilled lobster. I would definitely recommend it for great service and yummy food.

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          Hmm...I had no idea! I usually just get steak and/or lobster and the "half and half" - I'll have to explore the other menu items next time I go. Thanks for pointing that out!

      1. We absolutely love the Palm. I can't speak to any of the LA locations but have been to the DC location several times and also go frequently to the Vegas location. My husband does a lot of business entertaining there and we have had consistently excellent food and service. The steaks are great and I highly recommend the lobster.

        1. Thanks for all your replies. The Travel Channel show called it an Italian steakhouse, so that is the reason I mentioned pasta and Italian dishes. I would definitely order a nice porterhouse or ribeye steak. My wife is satisfied with a few bites of my steak and would be happier with a veal, chicken or pasta dish for herself, which is why I thought the Palm might be a perfect match for us.

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            My SO and I eat there pretty regularly, and while I agree with the above posters re: the steak and the lobster, more than half the time we order the chicken parm, veal parm or the veal martini...

          2. I had steak tartar and a lobster at the Weho location on Halloween, both were great.

            1. The Palm does that great summer deal for lobster where it's 4 or 5 lbs + 2 sides and coffee for 80 bucks?

              It has a traditional classy feel. Reliable service and reliable food. Not innovative, but hearty and consistent.

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                There is also a January lobster special currently being offered for the 837 Club members--definitely worth joining if you go to the Palm even a few times a year. http://www.thepalm.com/promodetail.cf...

              2. I have mixed feelings about the Palm, I think it is GREAT for tourists, or people not that familiar with LA. It has a lot of great movie star history (the last time I ate there Bob Evans was in the booth next to us), but I've had better steak elsewhere. They made us wait for quite sometime, WITH a res, at about 5:30 PM...BUT, they have a side of crispy fried onions that are DEEELISH!!!

                1. Not a fan of the steaks, but AM a fan of everything else. The Gigi is the best salad in LA. The lobster is great. Echo the half and half. I used to occasionally get pasta for lunch at the downtown location, but don't know about dinner.

                  1. A bit late I know, but I did check out the promotions for the Palm and found a steak and lobster tail special for 2 people priced at $89, good until 03/31/09. Includes choice of salad, a 9 oz. filet, choice of seafood including a lobster tail, two sides and dessert. Not a bad price for a complete meal. So I've included the Palm Steakhouse to my LA restaurant list and it is definitely on our radar for an upcoming visit. I'll be sure to post a review if we do eat there. Thanks for all the comments posted as well.

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                      They're promoting the steak/lobster dinner for two for $89 again and I was thinking of checking it out. It seems like a good price but I'm wondering if the quality/quantity is compromised - has anyone tried this out yet?

                    2. I like the Palm. Their steaks are solid and they make a wonderful hearts of palm salad. Share it with someone, It is huge.

                      1. I've only had lunch at the Palm, because they were in the same building that I worked in (location now closed). They had a decent deal of salad or soup/sandwich/sides for about $15 and the service was always phenomenal.

                        1. While the steaks and sides are average for a prime steakhouse, the desserts at the Palm are the best. I've had many desserts and gone to many bakeries, but I always find myself craving the Palm's chocolate cake and carrot cake. I think the carrot cake is the best dessert I've ever had. And if you're very ambitious, get the chocolate, carrot, and cheesecake. There will be plenty of leftovers because the desserts are huge.