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Jan 20, 2009 03:16 PM

Two S. Arlington Diners - Report

Two diners I had never been to, Luna Grill and Diner in Shirlington and the Arlington Diner in the Shopping Center at S. Glebe and Arlington Ridge Rd. have much in common. Prices are reasonable to low, food is nothing special. They also both have another thing in common. Although the prices are about what you'd expect, you still feel a bit cheated after you see the total bill in relation to what you ate.

It's easier to dislike the food at Arlington Diner. Augelomeno soup is served extra gloppy and just about room temperature. Just what I want on a cold wintry day. Burger is about the same price as Ray's Hellburger and only three thousand times worse. A gray, dense disk of flavorlessness.

Luna Diner in Shirlington has hip decor,at least. But the turkey dinner I got seemed out of a can.
Trying to eat out cheap? Look elsewhere.

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  1. Luna Grill I think is probably more known for it's breakfast and pasta. I like their spinach omelets because they use fresh spinach not frozen. We normally go for brunch. I also like their sandwiches. I wouldn't imagine a good turkey dinner kinda place.

    I like Bob and Ediths or Metro 29 better for diner fare though.

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      Metro29 has some very good food. The honey mustard grilled chicken over spinach salad is impressive. If you are in a postion to take leftovers home, then the prices are not so bad because the portions are gigantic. If not, it does become expensive for a diner.

    2. Atlantis Pizzeria is literally a mile away from Luna and has WAY better diner fare. Killer breakfasts, too. Open at 7am and the price is definitely right.

      Atlantis Pizzeria Restaurant
      3672 King St, Alexandria, VA

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          Their breakfast menu is here:

          I was a little wary of the "Mediterranean Omlette" with gyro meat, but damned if it ain't one tasty omlette. Had a nice sausage-and-egg vibe going on.

      1. Cafe Luna in Dupont Circle was great for weekend brunch back when I used to live in that area. I've eaten at Luna Grill and they have the same menu.

        I was never too impressed with Bob & Edith's. Nothing special beyond what you can make at home quickly.

        I do though, like the buffalo chicken sandwich at the Silver Diner. A whole fried chicken breast tossed in buffalo sauce, provolone cheese, blue cheese, and butter toasted bread along with fries. So good.

        1. I've eaten at Luna twice (when friends chose the location) and both times I felt that I could have made my meal cheaper & better at home. Why go out somewhere if that is the case? Thumbs down!