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Jan 20, 2009 03:12 PM

New in Berkeley - seek advice from local hounds

We're new to Berkeley (living in North Berkeley), and would love to hear some advice you may have about eating out in Berkeley, favorite places/dishes in particular restaurants, and the likes.

We've seen a ton of Thai and Japanese places (throughout Berkeley), as well as two Korean places in Telegraph. What are your favorites? Maybe by price, i.e. 1) under 25/30 dlls per person, and 2) above 25/30 dlls per person? (Excluding alcohol etc)

Feel free to pass info on other types of food (we tried some Ethiopian food the other night which we enjoyed, in a little place in Telegraph). We're fairly adventurous eaters (including offal-heavy restaurants), so everything is game.

Thanks so much for your kind advice.

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  1. To start just drive down Solano from The Alameda to San Pablo and look at all the restaurants. Check this board for what you want to try. They cover multiple cuisines and price ranges. You can get to Shattuck, University, Telegraph and whatever is left after that.

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      Or just going thru some of the Berkeley/Albany/Oakland place records and reading the various comments.

    2. Here's a cheap eats in Berkeley thread. It should give you some ideas:

      1. Dude, berkeley is a great place to eat. there are a shitload of great restaurants and food stores.
        The Cheeseboard on shattuck- bread, pizza, cheeses
        Jayakarta on university- indonesian try nasi padang rice plate (mmm...chicken gizzard sambal)
        cafe valparaiso on shattuck- chilean/latino food and awesome empanadas
        Arinells on shattuck- great place for slices (pizza)
        Berkeley Bowl- best produce in the US no question
        Spanish Table on san pablo- spanish and portuguese dry goods, canned/bottled goods, sweets, sausages, cheeses, JAMON SERRANO, cookbooks, and a lot of other stuff
        Casa Latina on San Pablo- good panaderia (mexican)

        I'm probably forgetting a lot of stuff but explore. a great location for foodies b/c of both upscale and hole in the wall places

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          Jayakarta Restaurant
          2026 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704

          Cafe Valparaiso
          3105 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705

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            Second Jayakarta!

            And try Monterey Market - closer to North Berkeley than Berkeley Bowl. And check out that whole block - Magnani's Butcher, Country Cheese (and Coffee), the Monterey Fish Market, the Bakery, and of course Gioia's Pizza!

          2. I like some of the pizza places they have in Berkeley. Cheeseboard Collective, Gioia Pizzeria, Lanesplitter Pub & Pizza, and Zachary's are very much worth trying. It's pizza so they'd be in the Cheap Eats category.

            1. hello, one of the best Chinese restaurants in this whole area is China Village on Solano Ave. You would eat well for $30/p.p.(two good mains and an app.) or have a real feast if you go above that.

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                Someone wrote this week that they were not impressed with China Village, and I suspect that was because they ordered "regular" Chinese dishes and not the Sichuan specialties that make China Village special. There are lots of threads about what to order at China Village -- especially if you like offal. If you're new to this board, you should know that when you click on the places link, the page about the place includes a list of all threads where the restaurant is linked and another list of threads where the restaurant is mentioned.

                China Village
                1335 Solano Ave, Albany, CA 94706