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Jan 20, 2009 03:07 PM

Scarsdale Lunch?

Healthy , clean and very informal for ASAP, thanks

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  1. For Scarsdale village, my go to place is Sakura for udon soup. For the above criteria on Central Ave., I'd eat at Cal. Pizza Kitchen for decent salads.

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    1. re: demifast

      thanks, don't want asian an we have CFP rigt here want some cute american place, thanks,

      1. re: nbermas

        For very casual you could go to the Village Luncheonette across from the Train Station. Good food, cheap, good service, but a little loud. Lange's Deli has some seating, but very busy. There's Mezzaluna on Brook St. I've found there pizza to be inconsistent, but the food to be excellent. There's PIzza and Brew and TGIF on Central if you want 400 choices and decent prices. On Garth Road there's the Garth Road Inn. Haven't been there in a few years since I moved from Garth Road, but a nice quiet atmosphere. There's also the place on Scarsdale Ave that is a bit of a health food place, but the name escapes me. I believe the address is 808. And there's always Scarsdale Pizza Station if you are looking for a good slice and some salad.

    2. For healthy and casual, go to Scarsdale Metro Diner. Its really not a diner, but more of a casual restaurant. They have a huge menu of salads! They use good fresh lettuce, grilled chicken is HUUUUUGEEEE, portabello mushrooms are delicious! They are a little bit on the expensive side (for me)...Their other items are pretty good as well. I've had the chicken souvlaki platter. Their portions are huge so I usually take home leftovers for a whole nother meal! Oh and this place has my favorite spinach pie in westchester :-)

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        I love chicken souvlaki, we have a great place here in fairfield County with the best tzakaki homemade by grandma, I love that flavor. Thank you

        1. re: MikiLovesSugar

          love metro- even have decent wine! Brook trout and turkey meat sauce over pasta- yum-(like home) but no clean up!