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Jan 20, 2009 03:07 PM

Best Pizza Peel - Super Peel??

I am looking for a peel for pizza and bread making (Artisan Bread In Five Minutes...) I am considering the Epicurean Natural Peel or the Super Peel (sold only online). I don't like buying sight unseen. I understand that the Artisan Breads In Five Minutes dough is often wet - which of these two would work best .. or any other suggestions. Thanks.

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  1. We purchased an Epicurean peel to use with pizza. We liked that it did not need and conditioning, could act as a cutting board, and could go into the dishwasher if necessary. Between pizza nights, it waits patiently on the side of the fridge, hanging from a magnetic wreath hanger like you would use on the front door. As a pizza peel, it is a little more expensive than wooden peels, but I think it will last forever. Sorry, I haven't graduated to breads yet but I'm thinking of giving it a try. Thanks for posting the question. I'm curious to see if others have used them for breads.

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      Thanks for the info. There are good and bad reviews for it on Amazon. Great idea to hang it on the side of the fridge. I have ordered the Artisan Breads in Five Minutes and I wanted a peel before I made my first batch. Several of the Amazon reviews said that it emitted a glue or gasey odor, one of them saying that it was formaldehyde. Both said that the smell stayed on the food. Have you noticed any smells?

      I am also thinking about the King Arthur metal peel - does anyone have one?

      1. re: Canthespam

        No, there is no odor or taste from the peel. We stopped using silicone products as my wife did not like the smell and taste they added to the food cooked with them. I think she would notice something coming from the peel. You can see the material at Bed Bath and Beyond, among others, in the cutting boards from Epicurean. I couldn't decide between the Natural or Black. Williams Sonoma had Natural, and my wife made the decision. We are very happy that it is maintenance free, unlike the wooden peels. Using it as a cutting board is a bonus.

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          I think I posted on your HC thread that I have the Epicurean one and have been happy with it. I tend to use parchment paper now rather than cornmeal, as it burns too much in my oven.

      2. I have been using an el-cheapo wooden peel that I get in outlet stores for under $10. A high-tech engineered wood peel seems like a solution just looking for a problem. The Super Peel's "conveyor belt" design at least seems to offer a justification for the higher cost.

        I have used the peel for a number of the 5 Minutes A Day recipes and as long as I haven't screwed up on the flour/corn meal on the peel, there's no problem. And even when I do, a little push from a bench scraper frees it up.

        I imagine you'll have no problem with either of these.

        1. I love the super peel! After feeling clumsy all the time with other peels, and watching bread and pizza end up on the oven floor, I thought I'd give it a try. So easy a monkey could make it work- or at least a bi-pedal hominid.

          I'm not crazy about gadgets, but this one that is worth the cost and shelf space.


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          1. re: legourmettv

            You all have given me 'food for thought'. Thanks.

          2. I can vouch for the Super Peel. You really can't go wrong with it, as it can even be used as a standard peel if you want, by removing the the cloth belt. It allows a lot of flexibility and options in how you handle things with bread baking and pizzas. Just watch the videos on the superpeel website. I'm not easily sold on gadgets either, but I am sold on this one!

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              You guys are making it very very hard on me :-) I can't decide between them and don't want or need two peels.... what to do, what to do?

              The Super Peel is 100% wood with the cloth belt - is the board hard to take care of? What special care does it need - regularing oiling etc... I know not to wash it in the dishwasher or let water stay on the wood.

              I have seen the videos on their site and even spoke with the owner Gary. I leave my pizza stone in the oven all of the time and warm bread, rolls etc... I was glad to see that Gary's stone on his videos, is just as dirty as mine. It does get cleaned when I clean the oven.

              My problem is that I can't find flaws with either brand. I rarely bake, except for little dog cookies, so the cookies, and the bread and occasional an Boboli pizza would be all that I would use a peel for.

              Would the wet bread dough stick to the cloth while it is resting for an hour and a half? How often do you have to wash the cloth if it has flour, cornmeal all over it?

              Sorry to be so indecisive, thanks for trying to help. I want both of them :-)

              1. re: Canthespam

                what is this "super peel"? i can't find anything on it with google. and why is it better than a flat piece of wood that costs about 20 bucks and lasts for years?

                1. re: tommy

                  Tommy - go to and see for yourself - I don't want to spoil it for you. It can only be purchased online. Lots of videos.

                2. re: Canthespam

                  I picked up two belts with mine, but have yet to crack the second belt out of it's package. The belt on the peel just goes in the laundry with the tea towels... easy peasy.

                  1. re: legourmettv

                    Hooray ... i finally made a decision. I just ordered the Super Peel online. Now I am free to move on to something else to obsess about.

                    1. re: Canthespam

                      By the way, if you make pies, it works great for moving the pie dough onto the pie pan.

                    2. re: legourmettv

                      Luckily I bought an extra belt ($5.00) when I purchased my new Super Peel. The second belt comes in handy just in case the wet dough bread (Artisan Bread in Five Minutes..) sticks to the belt, doesn't want to slide off of the peel and wants to follow you out of the oven in long skinny dough pieces. Don't ask me how I know ;-)

                      It takes a little effort to remove the fresh, wet, sticky dough from the belt and then it has to air dry. Other than then that, I love my Super Peel and this never happens when my husband uses it.

                      I am very short and I think it's because I don't stand taller than the pizza stone in my upper oven, so it's harder for me to place the dough on the stone in my upper oven.

                3. I received my Super Peel a few days ago - it can only be ordered online. So far I have made three loaves with the Artisan Bread In Five Minutes very wet dough. The peel works beautifully as promised. I would heartily recommend it.