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Jan 20, 2009 03:03 PM

This Friday-Dinner for 8 (early) near 125th Fairway

or thereabouts. Suggestions? 6 Adults, one 7 yo and one infant. We want to stay near my BIL's apt. on 121st near Columbia University. One thought was Dinosaur BBQ but not sure we can get a reservation or if that is what we want to eat. It is for my birthday. Thanks.

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  1. I think you should stick with the Dinosaur BBQ thought. Fun for a group and good grub. If you can't get a reservation then post again and maybe others will have ideas.

    1. dinosaur bbq is definitely a good place for a group.

      if you want something a little less loud, try pisticci on lasalle (which is 2 blocks south of 125th street) in between broadway and claremont avenue. really really good italian food. there's also max soha (italian on 123rd and amsterdam), but i think the food at pisticci's is better and i think you can make reservations at pisticci. there's also the down-home, comfort food place called kitchenette that is right across the street from max soha on 123rd and amsterdam.

      let us know what you end up choosing!

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        We are going to Pisticci as Dinosaur BBQ too loud for my MIL. I will report on how it was. Reviews have been consistently good.

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          We went to Pisticci on Friday night. My MIL had called for reservations and when we got there they had no record of it, however, because she was so insistent about calling they managed to cobble a couple of tables together and sat us. Weird policy about having to order appetizers and entrees at the same time but loved the food, house wine very tasty and good service. My husband and MIL had the spaghetti and meatballs, my SIL had a tuna special, I had duck special and no complaints from anyone. My BIL and other SIL live nearby and now are planning to go there again.

          Went to the movies with my MIL and SIL on Saturday since my husband and son went on a boy scout trip and when she got home there was a call from the restaurant about only being able to hold our table until 7:30 so they wrote it down for the wrong day. Funny that they did not realize the mistake themselves though when we were a no show and had made a fuss about missing reservation for eight the night before.

          1. re: rolise

            oh great! i'm so glad you all enjoyed pisticci! it's a real gem in an area that doesn't seem to have many good places to eat at first glance. so glad it worked out!