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Jan 20, 2009 02:02 PM

Will Work for Food

Did anyone watch this new Adam Gertler show? How was it? And, why did they give him a show when he did not win the competition?

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  1. DVR'ed it, haven't watched yet. will report back when i do...

    1. It's basically a culinary themed "Dirty Jobs". The judges always loved his on screen presence, he just couldn't deliver the dishes. He doesn't cook at all on this new show and actually I thought he came across pretty goofy rather than showing ANY knowledge of cuisine and food prep.

      1. Not a bad deal -- he didn't win the Sunday morning dead-zone cooking show, but he ended up with his own prime time entertainment slot.

        My family vacations in Maine just for the lobster, and my dad keeps bees, so we all tuned in to see how much more we knew than he did about this week's topics. It wasn't awful. I thought he was goofy, but I suspect his dumb act was more to get the laconic Maine lobstermen to talk and give the viewer some real information.

        He was a wimp wrt the bee sting, though!

        1. i finally watched it over the weekend. completely agree with amy & momjamin - it wasn't *awful* but he was pretty goofy. i did get a couple of good laughs at his expense, though...particularly when the beekeepers zipped a drone inside his hood :)

          he overplayed the innuendos about his seasickness on the lobster boat, but in his defense, those lobstermen weren't exactly a chatty, warm bunch - i think he was just trying to keep himself entertained.

          i'll give it one more shot just because i enjoyed watching him on TNFNS & i'd like to see him succeed.

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            Agreed, not drop everything great but not Sandra Lee horrid either. I know, huge spectrum but it is what it is.