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Jan 20, 2009 02:01 PM

New tea room in Westfield

I just had lunch at a brand new tea shop in Westfield called Ana Beall's. It is on Westfield Avenue in an old house just around the corner from Clyne and Murphy's.
They have a large selection of teas. I had a pulled pork sandwich with homemade coleslaw on homemade foccacia. It was wonderful. My friend had a portabello salad which she loved. They have Saturday/Sunday brunch. They have a high tea menu. We didn't have any of their scones or desserts, but I will definitely go back there. It is an interesting addition to Westfield and I hope it succeeds in this economy. Link attached. Meagan

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  1. Thanks for sharing that Meagan and I look forward to trying it soon. I hope it lives up to what it appears to be. One of my favorite places in Fort Lauderdale, now long gone, was the Royal Windsor Tea Room. It served a similar menu, had high tea and typical British breakfasts at the time. Real scones with jam and clotted cream, which were out of this world. If this venue is anything like that restaurant I'll be in heaven!

    1. Add me to the list of happy customers at Ana Beall's Tea Room. My girlfriend and I took a drive into Westfield earlier today for some window shopping and a Trader Joe's pilgrimage but our first stop was Ana Beall's for breakfast.

      The cafe is situated just off of Westfield Avenue before the church and that crazy "circle" can confuse ya-so keep sharp. If you go on a Sunday be prepared to park away from the streets bordering the church. There was ample parking (free) at the train station and one block over.

      The space is tastefully decorated with three separate dining areas; one off the main entrance and two upstairs. The main floor also has a small take out area where pastry, soup, salads are sold.

      Our waitress immediately took our "cream tea" order for two which consisted of a pot of jasmine flower tea and a choice of two scones (we selected plain and pecan) which arrived with cream and strawberry jam. The tea was flavorful and the scones were delicious. If you add dairy to your tea, you need to request it.

      I was quite surprised by the size of the brunch menu. While enjoying the tea and scones, we ordered maple oatmeal and a curry omelette and wound up sharing that too. $35.00 plus tip. The portions were "just right" and if you enjoy sharing with your dining compansions a lovely way to enjoy specialty teas and a light but satisfying brunch. I will return to try some of the other tea offerings and lunch items.