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Jan 20, 2009 01:56 PM

My newly stained kitchen shelves still stink!

I want to put my baskets of onions and potatoes back on the shelves but they are still emitting odor from the stain. How long should I leave my shelves outside?? My kitchen is a mess!

Anyone have experience with this? I am afraid to put my food back on the shelves...

How long does this smell last? We've had them outside for one's a nice 65 out. I put them back in so I could get things organized. Whew!

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  1. Melly, it depends on what kind of stain it is. If it is oil stain, it could take weeks. Analine (alcohol) dries almost instantly. Some stains are actually a finish, such as minwax. This will take weeks too. Sorry

    1. I recently stained a bookcase with oil Stain. it took approx 3 days for the smell to go away.

      1. Hate to tell you ... it can take weeks. I used one of those odor eliminators, jar of a solid substance that absorbes, it helped with a cabinet I refinished that I brought it to my spare room. But depending on the stain 1 week plus, oil stain does take much longer. Also the inside weather also can affect the drying time and smell.


        1. What does the directions state?

          On the same note does the directions mention anything about a sealer?

          I for one refuse to stain anything without a sealer.

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            I hesitate sealers for shelfs that hold food or glasses. I like a liner that is natural and airy not a solid plastic liner. There are some very nice ones out there that allow and absorb any excell moisture, heat and allow food and or vegetables to do well. Depends what is going in there. If anything I use a simple tounge oil, just rub it on let it dry, next day, you can use the shelf. It combats agains staining and water damage without being a brushed on varnish or poly. My choice. I refinish all antiques and that is what I have on all my furniture.

            1. re: kchurchill5

              I agree. I restored antiques most of my adult life and tung oil is the best. It is water resistant and can be either glossy or if you rub it down, satin. A nice waxing afterward puts on the finishing touch.
              But for shelving to use for food storage, I would just use mac-tack. Wipe clean and replace when needed.

              1. re: billieboy

                My mom used to use tung oil. My husband bought the stain and did the work. I have company coming next Tuesday so hope I can get my kitchen in order. It says it is a sealant as well..on the can. I had no idea it would be so bad. He had to take the shelves outside when he got home. Thanks to everyone for the advice.

              2. re: kchurchill5

                Anything I would use would be of a food grade to seal with. Same goes for shelf lining materials. San Jamar makes a good glass liner that is cushy and airy. (Link Below)