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Jan 20, 2009 01:20 PM

Lunch suggestions near Metropolitan Museum

Walking distance - good sit down starting at high end burgers and above. Beef- and seafood-centric. Midweek March.

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  1. while it is in ANOTHER museum, not to far from the met, the austro-hungarian fare at cafe sabarsky is DELICIOUS and quite special....

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    1. re: christinepierce

      I agree - it's a favorite of mine, as is (broken record starting) Square Meal on E. 92nd. Excellent burger, Thai calamari salad and more.

      More thoughts: (not sure if all are open for lunch - and some are a bit of a walk)

      1. re: MMRuth

        I second yura's Square Meal - the cheddar scones ( ) that come at the beginning of each meal is worth the visit alone :)

      2. re: christinepierce

        Cafe Sabarsky is my preference for whenever I am in the neighborhood. Good Austrian restaurants are too few and far between in this city.

      3. ok, what about the Atlantic Grill on 3rd avenue between 76th/77th. Always reliable, good food, easy to get reservations--think you can even do Open Table. Have steaks/burgers as well. French options with lunch would be Payard (73rd-74th/lex) or Orsay (75th/lex). I much prefer Payard to Orsay, which I find a bit overpriced and not as good, but Payard does have their massive pastry cases right when you walk in and if you want something sweet, its great.