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Jan 20, 2009 01:04 PM

Have we talked Denver Restaurant Week yet?

Restaurant Week will be February 21-27. What are your picks for this year? Who does Restaurant Week well?

I have Mizuna and Rioja on my list so far since I haven't tried either yet. Also considering Duo.

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  1. Why can't I find a link to the list of participating restos? The first couple of URLs on Google are no longer existent.

    I never liked RW back in Boston b/c it always seemed like such a shitshow but I'm so broke these days I could use the help in checking out places I've yet to visit. Beggars can't be choosers (although that was always part of the problem for me—I always end up succumbing to the greater lure of the regular menu and spending the very money I came to save...)

    1. I just checked last weekend and the list was there. My guess is that they're finally going to add the menus and took the live site down temporarily.

      Meanwhile, here's the cached list of restaurants:

      I did Duo last year. It was good but not outstanding. Lola's does a great menu that week, in my experience. One of the best values I found was Piatti's - yes, it's a chain, but the service is good, the Caesar salad was excellent, and you get a bottle of wine - half bottle for a single.

      I make reservations for seven nights out of seven, usually.

      (Edit) Whoops, I was wrong, many of the menus are up and are reachable from that link. It's just the main page that's down.

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      1. Bump.

        Nobody interested? I've got reservations at Bistro Vendome, Red Square, Vesta, and The Fort so far. Rioja still has openings, but they are asking for a credit card no. to reserve so I refused on principle. Barolo Grill has no menu up yet. Restaurant Kevin Taylor is booked up for a solid month out.

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          Thanks for bumping ;)

          I booked Mizuna, Rioja, and Vesta. I am surprised to hear about the credit card at Rioja - did you book through or call? I booked online and there was no credit card requested but I booked 3 weeks ago.

          1. re: SeattliteChower

            Opentable. It's the first time I've seen that on Opentable, too.

            I can understand the reasoning behind it, but it just put me off - just one more way to expose my credit card to fraud. I'm one of those people who is religious about canceling and confirming reservations.

            I also booked at Sonoda's (I love sushi, and their 5280 menu looks like a great value - although Sonoda's isn't known as a top-flight sushi place, they're good enough). I doubt the reservation will be strictly required, but just in case.

            I don't think the menus are as ambitious or inventive this year. I haven't found very many that really grabbed me. In the cases of BV, Vesta, and Sonoda's, I picked them because I've been there before and the food was great. I've always wanted to try the Fort, and always been curious about Red Square because it's close to BV.

          2. re: avgolemona

            Root Down and Locanda del Borgo next week...

            1. re: tatamagouche

              After all the hoopla, Root Down was a real disappointment. We didn't end up eating off the RW menu (happens every time, which is why I usually don't bother to go), but two out of three of my dishes—beet-parsnip soup and winter panzanella—were flat-out boring, and a third, sweet-and-sour eggplant bruschetta, was weirdly sweet. The place was, of course, jammed and noisy, the service slow. Full post below.

              I still feel as though I have to give them another break; I was so frustrated with this first visit that I feel all the more obligated to be absolutely sure that it's them and not me.


          3. Wow, stuff is filling up! I tried several places before I could get a decent reservation time. I ended up with one at O's at the Westin. Looking forward to it!

            1. We're going to Vita, Texas de Brazil and Jax Fish House. We're super excited!

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              1. re: Heyteacher

                We LOVED Jax from start to finish and would definitely visit again. Vita was a bit of a letdown - service was great and food was fine but not jazzed about it.
                We canceled our reservation to TdeB and took advantage of the extension of DRW instead - we're going to Rioja on Thursday! YAY!