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Jan 20, 2009 12:52 PM

Great Takeout near Bethpage, LI

Looking for recomendations for great takeout in the Bethpage, Hicksville, Plainview, Plainedge area. No preference on cuisine.

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  1. The Orient on Route 107 in Bethpage has some of the best chinese takeout going (Great Dim Sum and other interesting dishes if you dine in). No frills looks inside, but one of the great chinese restaurants on Long Island.

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      AA mediterraneam mini market 4240 Hicksville road Bethpage (516) 735 2000 Italian hot and cold foodstuffs ,Greek cheeses and Gyro Middle Eastern groceries .Pizza,pitarice balls etc..........

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        A couple of hundred feet south of The Orient is Pinata's, fresh Mexican food. Excellent fish tacos, burritos, guacamole...

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          I 2nd Pinata's. I would also recommend The Orient, but they gave me bad service. I don't think they like non-asians there, the food was good, but I find Fortune Wheel which really isn't that far from there treats me better.

      2. Zorns for chicken- fried/roasted, ribs, chicken soup, apple pie, etc.- Located on Hempstead Tpk by the Seaford Oyster Bay. Green Tea for Chinese food on 107 is also good for take out- it is on the west side in a shopping center. I totally agree with jpf about the Orient and how they treat non-Asisans. I have written about it previously on Chowhound

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          Wow, that's odd about the Orient. They've been nothing but extremely gracious every time I go in there.

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            My friend ordered the rotisserie chicken and some sides for us Saturday night. Good stuff. Missed the mashed cauliflower (only available in Bethpage not East Meadow location).

          2. The Orient in Bethpage is great. I read posts from others regarding alleged poor service to non Asians and I must disagree. From the first time we ate there, we were treated warmly and totally welcomed. The secret there is to get whatever specials they have and to go hungry!

            1. i also recommend the Orient for Chinese. They can be rushed but they are reasonably pleasant and the food is good. Italian food in Plainview at La Piazza on Old country Road and Manetto Hill Road or Pasta- E- ria in Hicksville on South Oyster Bay Road .Kosher Deli- Regal in Plainview on Old country Road near Manetto Hill Road (run down but really good soup). Boomy's also Kosher on South Oyster Bay Road much cleaner. Zorba the Greek in Hicksville for Greek food (South Oyster Bay Road and Old country) nice to eat in as well.