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Jan 20, 2009 12:28 PM

Allora Cucina - has anyone tried it yet?

This is a new italian restaurant in the old Zen Cafe spot on 3d. Just wondering if anyone has been and how they fared? Thanks!

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  1. We live in the neighborhood and have been a number of times. The owner, Carlo, is lovely and, overall, the food is very good. More detail: my favorite dish is the spinach & ricotta ravioli in sage butter sauce. Light, pillowy, divine. The pizza is good, not amazing compared to a few of the Los Angeles greats but well above the standard neighborhood place. Roast chicken was moist. Risotto was the only thing I have ordered and didn't care for. Lighting is a touch bright but the booths are comfortable. No wine yet as they are still dealing with their license, but will allow you to bring your own with no corkage fee - at least none charged to us on any of our visits. We really, really appreciate this place because it is a truly reasonable and the kind of restaurant where you could bring your Italian grandmother and she would both love the food and be treated like a member of Carlo's family. Go and enjoy!

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      thank you! hadn't been back to check in a bit. I really appreciate the info and byob doesn't sound that bad right about now!

    2. I enjoyed it. Definitely has a neighborhood feel to it, but still nice enough for an evening out. Standard Italian fare but all tasty. I had the seared tuna and my friend had the veal piccata which we both enjoyed. The owner is lovely. We brought our own bottle of wine as there was no corkage fee. I don't live in the neighborhood but wouldn't hesitate going back if I did.

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        thank you - can't wait to try it!