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Jan 20, 2009 11:20 AM

Friend in need - food help in Hermosa

A professional friend of mine now works in Hermosa Beach, and is not the sharkey's lunch kind of guy. He is now driving 30 mins away on his lunch break to find good meals. Can anyone recommend nearby restaurants that would fit the bill.

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  1. I'm not sure what kind of food your friend is looking for (other than not Sharky's), how close he wants to stay to Hermosa, or what the budget is. So I'll assume pretty inexpensive and pretty close. In Hermosa, Martha's 22nd Street Grill is a good bet for salads and sandwiches. Akbar has pretty good Indian food (they have a lunch buffet). El Gringo has decent mexican. Fritto Misto has pretty good pasta. These are all pretty inexpensive options that are located in Hermosa proper and have seating. If he is amenable to driving a little further and/or takeout there are some other Fresh Brothers for deep dish pizza takeout and Kai for sushi takeout in Manhattan beach. If El Segundo isn't too far north, there are some options in the Plaza El Segundo shopping center, like Veggie Grill, the Counter, and the Whole Foods salad bar (of these, Veggie Grill is the best in my opinion). Going southward, there is Izakaya Bincho in Redondo beach (you'd have to check if it's open for lunch), and Gina Lee's Bistro in redondo (this one is moderately priced, whereas the others are all inexpensive). There are also a plethora of great Japanese options in Gardena and Lomita, but then you are getting close to a 30 min drive again. If you give us a better sense of what your friend is looking for we may be able to provide better recs.

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      wow..that was awesome. let me pass that onto him and see if that helps. thanks a lot!

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        my friend had been to every place you had mentioned. he said there is a good yakitori place inside the
        Murukai market in Gardena called Shin Shen Gumi. It's a take out version
        of their restaurant.

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          f.y.i. Izakaya Bincho and Gina Lee's are not open for lunch.

          What has he tried in Redondo? Yellow vase is enjoyable for sandwiches and soups. They also have a quiche of the day, and crepes. They have great coffee too. But they could work on their tea list a little. What is his price range?

        2. big mike's near the pier for philly cheesesteaks and stuff like's a good one!

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            I live and work in Hermosa and feel your friend's pain. I love it here but....more places to avoid then to frequent.
            Here is where get lunch on a rotating schedule

            Malibu Fish Grill-PCH and Herrondo-good fish cooked with your choice of seasoning with sides like coleslaw and hummus, fries, salad. I get the shrimp skewer plate. Good for eat in or take out.

            Veggie Grill-mentioned above. Steamed Kale and sweet potato fries with lots of fake meaty meals and salads. I like the bbq wings.

            The Spot-2nd and Hermosa. Old school vegetarian/vegan. Steamed veggies, chile, tofu,burgers, whole rice, beans, etc. I get one of their Specials-about 8 bucks. They serve this amazing creamy tofu sauce over the steamed veggies. I love it!

            Thai Top-Pier Ave. They do some things very well. The spinach/tofu with peanut sauce. Spicy squid salad. Spicy noodles, shrimp wonton soup are some of my favs.

            Paisanos-Hermosa at Pier-good for a slice and salad. I also get the eggplant parm (extra sauce) -hold the pasta. My fav pizza around here is Valentinos on Aviation just west of Manhattan Beach Blvd.

            Crepe de la Crepe on Pier-good for a little French lunch.

            Is Chef Melba's open for lunch? Is so that would be lovely for a nice treat.

            For oysters on the marina-try Blue Water Grill in Redondo-on Harbor.

            There is deli on Hermosa-near 10th I think. Very expensive and as a mostly non meat eater can only say I went once and never again. Most expensive lousy salad ever. I have heard others say the sandwiches and soups are good though.

            There are more places if he has already tried these....