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Roadtrip from Dallas to Santa Fe!

JethroSpanks Jan 20, 2009 11:11 AM

Howdy all!

My cousin and I will be making a roadtrip from Dallas to Santa Fe in the middle of March. We're taking our good sweet time getting there, staying a week and then taking our good sweet time coming back (if we decide to come back). We're both VERY serious eaters and enjoy everything from the very haute to standard delicious comfort food to the downright "bizarre" (I used to live in NY and spent more time in Chinatown than my apartment and lengua and tripe tacos are two of my favorite foods in the world!)!!!

So, with that, we need help and recs for food along the way and food there in the Santa Fe area. Any awesome off the beaten path places along US287 and I-40 and US285 that we CAN'T pass up? (We're willing to travel off the path, of course!) Any can't miss places (be it touristy or the exact opposite of touristy) in Santa Fe?

I know chile is huge in that area, so I'm hoping/expect a lot of recs and arguments for that! But what about other stuff (taco stands, bakeries, cafes, etc.)? We've agreed to avoid all national chains (i.e. - fast food, IHOP/Denny's, etc.), and that's pretty much our only rule!!!! Also, any grocery store/markets there in the area we can shop at to help stock our fridge and pantry?

Thank you for your help! Typing this really really really made me excited for the trip, so I apologize if I left any other important info out of what we're looking for or if anything doesn't make sense! I guess, all I can say is: "Just bring it!" Spill your west Texas/New Mexico foodie-ness all over us!!!

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  1. c
    ChrissieH RE: JethroSpanks Jan 21, 2009 05:15 AM

    Don't have any specific recommendations for restaurants, but when asked the quintessential New Mexico question, "Red or Green?" I'd advise you to say "Christmas" until you figure out which you prefer.

    Also, you really must take the Turquoise Trail either coming or going. http://www.turquoisetrail.org/

    1. Dallas Alice RE: JethroSpanks Jan 21, 2009 11:45 AM

      Have stacked enchiladas at The Range in Bernalillo, just north of Albequerque. Just outside of Santa Fe are Bobcat Bite and Harry's roadhouse. In Santa Fe, I love breakfast/brunch at Cafe Pasquale's, and for an upscale place, go to SantaCafe.

      1. j
        JethroSpanks RE: JethroSpanks Feb 9, 2009 05:01 PM

        Thanks for the suggestions! Any suggestions on places along the way?

        Taco stands? Fried pies? Cafes? I know Amarillo has one or two places I've read about.

        1. c
          cdonchuknow1 RE: JethroSpanks Feb 13, 2009 05:07 AM

          If you go through Lubbock, try Pedro's Tamales.

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          1. re: cdonchuknow1
            JethroSpanks RE: cdonchuknow1 Feb 13, 2009 09:58 AM

            We're actually heading back through Lubbock by way of Roswell!

            Anything specific at Pedro's? Anything else in/around Lubbock?

          2. t
            tx_radar RE: JethroSpanks Feb 13, 2009 10:11 AM

            The BIG TEXAN off I-40 in Amarillo -- the home of the 72 oz steak!! They are always running a contest that if you can finish their steak (along with a salad and sides) in 1 hour, it is FREE. I went through there many years ago when I did a Route 66 trip from Chicago to SF, which was completely awesome btw. I would also check on Route 66 landmarks/places to eat/visit since it sounds like you may be hitting bits & pieces of the Mother Road.

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