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Jan 20, 2009 11:08 AM

Recipes for a Ronco Rotiserrie

Does anyone have any recipes they've tried on a Ronco rotisserie? I've only tried roasting whole chickens and they've come out very juicy.


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  1. I mostly only do chickens too, I put a lemon or lime inside and the juice just keeps permeating it until it's done. But my friend who gave it to me says a small roast lamb or prime rib is the way to go. I would probably marinade those first.

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      I tried the lemon/lime thing and all it did was increase cooking time by about fifty percent. How long does it take you to cook one with fruit inside?

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        Whatever the recommended time is, it comes out really juicy with the outside crispy.

    2. My friend had one of those while my kitchen was being remolded. I did pork tenderloin which turned out great. Also she had a small basket and we did burgers, shrimp and salmon. Can't remember what else we did. They all turned out great. I just used my regular standbye recipes and had no problem. I wouldn't think the recipes would be any different than the ones you use every day.

      1. No special recipes, but a suggestion. Get small potatoes, parboil them, salt and pepper them and then place them on the drip rack, just below the roasting bird when it's about half-way done. Stir around every once in a while, to make sure they brown evenly. Oh, yummmmmmmmmm..

        1. I usually do chickens as well. I fill the cavity with salt, pepper, lemon, rosemary, sage and garlic, and then i salt and pepper the outside. I've tried doing ribs once like you see on the infomercial but it was a lot more difficult than i though to try to drape the ribs on the skewers like they did...I ended up just roasting them in the oven.

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            Recipes for country style boneless pork ribs

          2. I do 3 -4 pound pork loins all the time....stud with a bunch of garlic...glaze with EVOO...crust with fresh ground pepper and kosher salt......put i according to Ronco directions..set it and forget it....I then slice paper thin on a commercial slicer...You can make a famous Philly pork sandwich made famous by Tony Luke's....made by layering the sliced pork with a layer of spicy broccholi rabe topped with sharp provolone on a crusty french baguette. The best !!

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              I love you pondrat! I've got a happy pork loin to cook-just waiting for inspiration and I got it right now. NEVER would have considered making it in the Ronco. We always do whole chickens in it... a few times we did ribs, and they were great but seemed like a lot of fuss to do them with the tying and all. I keep the cooker out of sight and I guess out of mind. I'll pull it out for this weekend.

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                It also works well for drying socks after sledding ! :)

                The only thing I don't like about the Ronco for por loins is the limited drippings....but when you put that olive oily broccoli rabe on top you'll never miss the pork juices.