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Jan 20, 2009 11:01 AM

Where to find unrendered duck fat in Irvine ?

Hello all,

I am new to the Irvine area and I have the little project to cook some duck confit. I have looked online for duck fat and since shipping fees are such a rip-off, I have decided to make my own at home.

Could you please recommend a place where to find unrendered duck (or goose) fat in the Irvine area ?

Thanks for your advice !

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  1. I'm not in your area, but I think in general you're barking up the wrong tree here - I've never seen or even heard of UNrendered duck fat for sale anywhere. For one thing, a lot of the fat on the bird is subcutaneous and would not be removable before cooking the duck unless you completely demolished it. And for another, unrendered fat goes bad quite quickly, as opposed to rendered, which can keep for months.

    If you don't want to pay mail-order prices (and there's no nearby high-end-butcher where you can find containers of rendered fat available), your best bet is to roast a goose - they give off a huge amount of fat, easily enough for confiting several duck legs. Plus you get a roast goose dinner!

    Bonus tip: if you don't have quite enough goose fat to completely cover the duck legs for the confit, you can stretch it a bit with a little neutral-tasting vegetable oil like canola.

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      Thank you for your reply. Maybe I used the wrong words and I apologize for that. I am actually looking for the fat scraps of the duck. That's something that you can easily find in butcher shop in France and I am looking to find it locally

      My grandma used to say that fat rendered from a roasted duck/goose did not really taste the same, so i did not really look into this solution. I wanted to use a technique similar to that one:

      Anyway, I am babbling. Thank you for your help and have a great day !

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        No, your words were correct. I was not aware that French butchers sell raw duck fat - here in the US I have never seen this. But maybe you can find it. Good luck!

    2. Only place that I can think of that might even have it and that's even stretching it is Whole Foods in Tustin.

      I might even check the 99 Ranch Markent off of Culver. They always sell stuff that's not usually for sale. =)

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        Thank you Jaytizzle. I will check those locations.